'Love After Lockup' Star Chance Pitt Claims He's Related to Brad Pitt

Chris Barilla - Author

May 6 2022, Published 2:12 p.m. ET

Ever since it first premiered in 2018, WEtv's Love After Lockup has provided a candid look at relationships that blossomed in hard places, literally. Chronicling the lives of recently released felons and their loved ones, Love After Lockup spotlights the difficulties ex-convicts face when re-assimilating into society, as well as the implications their past has on their relationships.

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One star of the show who has been catching a lot of attention recently is Chance Pitt, the convicted criminal who is dating his costar, Taylor George. Chance has claimed more than once that he is a relative of Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt, but are the two actually related? Keep reading for everything we know.

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Is Chance Pitt related to Brad Pitt in any way?

It goes without saying that the world of Love After Lockup is pretty packed with drama, but Chance really threw everyone around him for a spin when he revealed in a clip that he is Brad Pitt's cousin. The reality star claims that his grandfather's brother is Brad's father and that he first met him when he was about 6 years old at a family reunion.

Chance claims that he was introduced to the actor and his brother, Doug, at the event, and was informed later in the evening by a fellow family member that Brad is his cousin. As for Brad's work, Chance has done nothing but sing his praises.

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"I'm a big fan of my cousin Brad Pitt's movies. He's definitely a really good actor, really talented obviously," the Love After Lockup star said.

He then went on to add that his favorite film of Brad's is "Mr. and Mrs. Pitt," a mistake that he laughed off as he meant to say the 2007 film, Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

With no photos circulating of Chance and Brad together and no conclusive way to determine if Chance's story is actually true, for now, all we have to go off of is the former inmate's word.

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Taylor doesn't seem to have any issue with Chance claiming that he's related to Brad.

As evidenced by the aforementioned clip, Taylor seems quite giddy at the notion that her ex-convict boo is related to one of the world's most famous actors. She can be seen in the video comparing photos of Chance and Brad and claiming to see a resemblance in their physical features.

Regardless of whether Chance's claims are true, Taylor still fell head over heels for him while he was incarcerated. Chance was locked up for seven years for grand theft auto and burglary after robbing a bank, and when he was in prison, he met Taylor, who was dating another inmate at the time. The two quickly took a liking for one another and their friendship blossomed into a relationship.

Since his release, Chance has been working diligently to leave his criminal past behind him. He currently lives with Taylor and her three daughters.

Be sure to check out new episodes of Love After Lockup, airing Fridays at 9 p.m. EST on WEtv.

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