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Source: Rachel Luna/Getty

Is Chrissy Metz Leaving 'This Is Us'? The Actress Has Offered Hints About Kate's Fate


Through the years, fans of This Is Us have learned the hard way to expect the unexpected. That's probably because the show — which is currently in Season 4 — has already taken its viewers through so many twists and turns. We now know no character is completely safe. And this has led fans to wonder: Is Chrissy Metz leaving This Is Us?

I know, I know — how can anyone even fathom a member of "The Big Three" leaving the show? But that's exactly what some viewers are worried about, in light of a brief glimpse into a future timeline. The thing is, This Is Us has already been renewed through Season 6, which is expected to be the final season of the beloved NBC series. And a lot can still happen between now and then.