Fans Are Still Hoping to See Dante Return to 'General Hospital'

Fans are still asking: Is Dante coming back to 'General Hospital'? Could it be true that the show is hinting at a return? Here's what we know.


Apr. 14 2020, Updated 6:06 p.m. ET

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Dante Falconeri's loved ones are finding it really hard to let him go, and the same can be said for General Hospital fans. Like Lulu, viewers were heartbroken when Dante insisted on leaving after his brief return. But even though he's been off the show for quite some time, Dominic Zamprogna's character is still being mentioned fairly often.

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Could this be a sign that he's coming back in the future? And is it true that Dominic hinted at a possible return on social media? Here's what we know.

Why did Dante leave in the first place?

The detective first left Port Charles to join the WSB and go after Raj, the guy who tried to kill his former wife, Lulu Spencer. A lot of fans suspected that this meant he was leaving the series, and in June of 2018, he confirmed that those rumors were true.

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He tweeted: "So you’ve been asking. I feel I owe it to you awesome fans to tell you that I’ve taped my final scenes. Going to miss you and my GH fam. Good things happening, tho. More to come."

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Dominic returned in 2019, but not permanently.

Dominic later returned for a one-episode cameo in November of 2018, and in February of 2019, it was announced that he'd return again, but only for a 10-episode run. He reappeared in March, when viewers learned that he was working undercover for the WSB as part of Raj's organization.  

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After killing Raj, Dante returned to Lulu and apologized for being absent for so long. But unfortunately, this happy reunion was short-lived. It all started with a nightmare that he had, where he said the words, "I will complete the mission" and ended up shooting Lulu himself. Then, he got triggered after he heard a service tray drop at the Metro Court, where he tried to grab a knife. This was when he realized that he may have been brainwashed.

After he confided in Anna, she offered to help him out with his PTSD and Dante thought it would be best to distance himself from his family while he sought help. So, once again, the detective told Lulu that he had to leave because he no longer felt like himself and didn't want to risk hurting anyone. Understandably, she didn't take this news well. Especially since Dante hinted that he may never come back.

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What happened after Dante left?

Dominic made his last appearance at the end of March on 2019, but his character's storyline still continued. In July, Maxie and Peter discovered where Dante was receiving treatment, but when they went to visit him, Dante got triggered and things went south. Peter left with a wounded shoulder, and when Lulu learned about what happened, she finally understood that she couldn't keep waiting for Dante to come back soon. 

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In a later July episode, Dante sent divorce papers to Lulu, which seemed like confirmation that he wanted her to move on and not wait around for him. Then in November, it was revealed that Dante never opened the letters that his mother sent him. Olivia received a package of her letters, which came with a note asking her to stop writing to him.

Although Dante's name popped up quite often after his departure, it seems like the writers were preparing to bring his story to a close. After all, he did insist that his mother stop reaching out to him, and he clearly isn't in a state where he can see visitors. However, as we all know, this definitely doesn't rule out the possibility that Dante will appear yet again. 

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Is Dante coming back to 'General Hospital' soon?

In March of 2020, Dominic took to Twitter to share that he's been bumping into a bunch of General Hospital fans. He said: “Been running into a lot of #GH fans lately. I see you, and [you] guys are awesome. Just saying.” So technically, he didn't mention whether or not he'd be back on the show. But still, fans wasted no time in asking him to come back again.

He hasn't responded with any promises, so it's safe to say that Detective Dante won't be back anytime soon. But here's hoping he'll surprise us all with another return in the future.

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