is david dobrik bi
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David Dobrik's Followers Believe He's Strongly Hinted That He's Bisexual


Feb. 8 2021, Updated 11:27 a.m. ET

While "e-celebrities" kind of fit into their own brand of fame, there are some popular YouTubers who have managed to cross into other aspects of the entertainment world and enter other social conversations. The Paul brothers are securing high-grossing boxing matches despite not really being fighters, Lilly Singh hosts her own late night TV talk in an NBC deal, and David Dobrik even hosted his own dodgeball competition TV show. Fans of the YouTuber had long speculated about his personal life, like if he's bisexual or not.

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So is David Dobrik bi? Fans of his definitely seem to think so.

A Reddit thread referenced a podcast episode by the internet personality, and it seems that David may have come out as bi or is, at the very least judging on the comments he reportedly made in the episode, is open to the idea: "So I'm surprised no one has talked about this yet. I'm a little behind on the podcasts, but on the one titled 'Starting an Only Fans' Jason asks David if he ever sees himself with a guy in the future..."

is david dobrik bi
Source: David Dobrik/YouTube
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The thread continued, "and David basically says yes and that Ilya said that they talked about this before and he was like that's cool and then joked 'just don't try to f*** me.'" David also added that he wants to try everything (implying that he also wants to be with a guy). So is this David lowkey coming out and playing it cool? Then they completely switched topics."

Other commenters responded in the thread by stating that David has "pretty much confirmed ... he's bi-curious." Others wondered if this is just a prelude to David coming out as gay, too.

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Reddit user oatmealchia writes, "I wonder if this is kind of that first step into the coming out process that lots of youtubers take. I.e. denying rumors and claiming they're straight, saying they're bi-curious, saying they're bi, and then coming out as gay. This is just me jumping to baseless conclusions and it's none of my business anyway, but regardless, he has a supportive group of friends and I'm happy for him either way."

Source: David Dobrik/YouTube
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If you search on YouTube there are plenty of fan compilation videos that have pieced together a bunch of clips that uploaders say is clear evidence David is either bi or gay.

Source: David Dobrik/YouTube
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David Dobrik often features other social media stars in his videos, like former bartender Todd Smith.

Todd started gaining some popularity on the internet with Vine first before transitioning to YouTube. The Huntington Beach, Calif., native currently rooms with David Dobrik, Heath Hussar, Scotty Sire, and Elton Castee.

There were longtime rumors that Todd and David's assistant Natalie Mariduena were dating and near the end of September 2020, those rumors were confirmed.

Source: Instagram

Has David Dobrik quit YouTube for good?

The content creator, who rose to prominence on the platform, uploaded his last YouTube video on April 24, 2020. In an episode of Steve-O's podcast, he stated that he would rather "quit cold turkey" and focus on creating the videos he really wants to upload rather than provide viewers with a "watered down" version of clips he's really not that excited about putting on the web.

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