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Did Kristen Survive Being Stabbed on 'FBI'? Her Fate Has Finally Been Revealed



Talk surrounding the crime drama FBI over the last few weeks has largely been centered on rumors that actress Ebonée Noel is leaving the CBS series after her character’s brutal stabbing in the Dec. 17 fall finale.

When the show returned on Jan. 7, viewers learned the fate of special agent Kristen Chazal, and took to social media to share their thoughts about the emotional episode.

Is Ebonée Noel leaving 'FBI'?

It doesn’t look like Ebonée is going anywhere anytime soon after it was revealed that Kristen’s surgery to repair her damaged carotid artery went well. Like fans, the brunette beauty admitted that the major cliffhanger left her on edge. 

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"It's been a long 3 weeks while Kristen's life has been hanging in the balance," she wrote shortly before Episode 11 aired. "It's been so heart warming reading all your reactions online. Prayers up for our girl [tonight]."

As we saw last month, Kristen was struggling in her transition from FBI analyst to agent, and made a sizable error during one of her training exercises, which put her partner in a vulnerable position. 

The mistake left Kristen shaken, but Maggie offered some helpful advice: "When you're out in the thick of it, you're going to be relying on your instincts. Not reading off your partner can be very dangerous."

While tracking down a serial killer later in the episode, NYPD Detective Harry Bloom — whose daughter was one of the perp’s victims — failed to follow orders, leading to a heated confrontation between the team and the suspect. When Maggie attempted to arrest the man, he fought back with a knife. 

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As the two battled for control, Kristen pushed Maggie out of harm’s way and was stabbed in the neck. "It was crazy to read & nerve-wracking to shoot to say the very least," Ebonée recalled of that scene in a tweet.

After it was confirmed that Kristen is alive, the Wrecked alum wrote, "I love this team SO much. I've said it before and I'll say it again: #FBIFam is THE BEST FAM."

Fans were just as thrilled with the news. "Hell yes, KRISTEN LIVES!!!!!!!!" one Twitter user commented, while another added, "Yes I'm so happy that Kristen [Chazal] is okay. see I told you guys to have faith and I knew she was going to pull through."

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Off camera, the cast and crew of 'FBI' get along splendidly.

Their characters may be risking their lives on a weekly basis, but Ebonée shared that the atmosphere on set is much more jovial than one might expect. "We’re very lucky that our cast is very humble and easy with each other," the 29-year-old told Fansided in a 2019 interview. 

"[There are] a lot of jokes and pranks that happen on set. It’s kind of in opposition that we’re dealing with such serious material," she added. "We’re spending such long hours on set that you can’t live in that mold forever and we’re lucky we have an easy [rapport] with each other… It’s a lot of fun."

New episodes of FBI air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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