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'A Million Little Things' Fans Worry Gary Might Not Live to Meet His Baby

Leila Kozma - Author

May 19 2022, Updated 8:50 a.m. ET

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for the Season 4 finale of A Million Little Things.

On May 13, 2022, ABC announced its decision to greenlight Season 5 of A Million Little Things, D.J. Nash's hit serial drama offering a glimpse into the life of Eddie (David Giuntoli), Maggie (Allison Miller), Gary (James Roday Rodriguez), and their loved ones. But which actors will be back for the next episodes? Are the rumors anything to go by? Is James, the actor playing Gary, leaving the show?

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Some 'A Million Little Things' fans think that Gary is leaving the show.

Gary headed to the hospital earlier in Season 4 to get a lump in his breast checked. The tests came back clear — but a malignant lump was found in his lung. He soon began chemotherapy. While Maggie seems to know about the condition, Gary's friends are — or were, until the Season 4 finale — in the dark.

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The creator of A Million Little Things, DJ Nash, teased in an interview that Gary's storyline continues well into Season 5. James Roday Rodriguez may choose to leave the show before the Season 5 finale, which is whispered to double as the series finale. But there's no way of knowing at this stage.

The Season 4 finale of 'A Million Little Things' ended on a devastating note. Is Gary leaving?

Gary and Maggie start trying for a baby in Season 4 of A Million Little Things, having decided to give the relationship another shot after exchanging a kiss at Maggie's 30th birthday party.

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Maggie's mom steps in last minute to accompany Maggie to an IVF appointment after Gary comes down with a mysterious illness. There, Maggie discovers that one of the eggs has made it. But the Season 4 finale throws a series of major hurdles the couple's way.

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Maggie abruptly starts to bleed in the Season 5 finale. But Maggie calls Dr. Ashley Anderson, who breaks the big news: Maggie is absolutely and 100 percent pregnant.

A bigger problem continues to loom over the characters' heads, though. Rome (Romany Malco) accidentally stumbles upon a series of messages Gary recorded for his unborn child in case he doesn't make it.

As such, Rome is now in a pickle. He has to choose between approaching Gary, spilling his secret to the whole group, or keeping quiet until he learns more.

Elsewhere, Gary continues to marshal on, knowing he has cancer while Maggie officially begins her journey as a pregnant woman. Season 5 of A Million Little Things is bound to delve deeper into these conflicts and put its characters through the wringer.

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Gary's fight against lung cancer might spill over into Season 5 of 'A Million Little Things.'

DJ Nash, the co-showrunner of A Million Little Things, shared a few details about what's to come for each character in Season 5 with Deadline. He said, "We knew we always wanted Gary’s cancer to return. And we knew we wanted it to be right after Rome’s depression returned. Both of these friends have diseases that are recurring and challenge their futures."

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"We love the idea of Maggie being there for Gary the way he was there for her. For all the good and the bad," DJ continued. "And we are excited to see how these two will be there for each other as they welcome a baby into the world, doing everything they can to live life on their terms, for as long as they can."

"Rome and Regina have stumbled on huge information they’re not supposed to know. Information Gary doesn’t want them to know. They’re in a real dilemma," he said. "We are going to watch this group of friends be there for the person who has been there for everyone. The same person who finds it so hard to ask for help. And we’re going to see Maggie pregnant, hoping she can have the father of her child meet their baby. I won’t say what happens. But hopefully, it will feel as real as life."

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