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Source: Instagram

Is 'The Walking Dead's Glenn Really Gone for Good?


Fans of AMC's The Walking Dead are still mourning the loss of Glenn, even though he died three seasons ago. But luckily for us, that doesn't mean that he's gone from the series forever. 

While the characters may have moved on from his death, there's a possibility that Glenn will be coming back sooner than you think. And no, we don't mean a zombie Glenn reprise. Here's what we know about a Glenn cameo coming your way.

Is Glenn coming back after his Season 7 death? [SPOILERS]

Let's refresh our memories real quick. At the time of Glenn's death, he was already married to Maggie and she was pregnant with their child. The group had relocated to Alexandria but the Saviors consistently tried to break into their settlement, starting a feud between the two groups.

Eventually, the Saviors managed to kidnap most of the crew, and Negan, who led the group of hostile survivors, declared that one of them must die for the Savior members they've killed.