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Source: Netflix

It's Not Illegal to Watch '1 Lunatic, 1 Ice Pick' — but Why Would You?


Content Warning: Murder, mutilation, animal abuse

Netflix's new true-crime docuseries Don't F**k With Cats tells the story of the grisly murder of Chinese international student Lin Jun committed in 2012 by Luka Magnotta. But there's so much to this story that makes it completely different and even possibly more disturbing than any other true crime show or movie you have seen.

For several years, Luka Magnotta was known online on "gore sites" for videos in which he killed kittens. There is a whole corner of the internet dedicated to snuff films and real gore, and that's where Luka Magnotta, a Canadian former prostitute and porn actor, finally found fame. These weren't joke videos. Magnotta posted videos of himself actually suffocating kittens and feeding them to pythons, according to The Verge