Joe Rogan Describes Himself as an Agnostic, but He Was Raised Religious


Feb. 8 2024, Published 11:16 a.m. ET

Joe Rogan at UFC 277 in 2023.
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If you want to know what Joe Rogan thinks about pretty much anything, the good news is that he hosts a podcast where he goes over his thoughts in pretty extensive detail. There are some subjects, though, that don't come up on the podcast as often as you might think.

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One of the topics Joe's listeners want to better understand is whether the podcaster has any religious beliefs. While Joe isn't always talking about religion, he has offered his opinions in the past, so here's what we know about whether Joe Rogan is religious.

Joe Rogan in a black shirt at a UFC event.
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Is Joe Rogan religious?

Joe was raised Catholic and even attended Catholic school growing up, but he has since abandoned organized religion, and now considers him self to be agnostic.

At times, Joe has discussed religion with guests on his podcast, and offered his own belief that because there is no hard evidence to prove in the existence of a Christian God, he struggles to believe that one exists. Agnosticism means, though, that Joe is open to the idea, and isn't atheistic, which would mean that he doesn't believe God could exist.

Joe has had many Christian guests on his podcast over the years, and many of those guests have talked at least some about their religious beliefs and why they believe them.

When he has ranted against Christianity, though, some of his listeners have taken offense, suggesting that he isn't aware of certain evidence or that his views are misguided. Ultimately, though, most of those listeners stick with Joe.

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Joe Rogan is willing to talk with guests who challenge his views.

Although Joe has made his own views about Christianity and religion more generally clear, he is willing to have guests on who challenge every one of his views. Of course, oftentimes, those guests align with Joe on at least some things, and talk openly with him about issues like political correctness and other hot-button topics. Part of what Joe's listeners love is the way he pushes the envelope, having conversations that feel at least a little bit dangerous.

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While this isn't so much an issue with his conversations about religion, though, there are certain topics where Joe has been accused of misleading his audience by making statements that were verifiably untrue. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Joe expressed skepticism about a number of safety measures, and chiefly vaccines, playing into broader paranoia about whether the vaccines worked.

Because his conversations are free-flowing, and because Joe is not someone who employs a careful or rigorous fact checker, not everything his listeners hear is totally true. Many of them understand that, and listen to him anyway.

In fact, it's precisely because Joe is so willing to push boundaries and say things that other people don't that he's resonated with such a large audience. Thankfully, there are plenty of people out there who work to provide more reliable information to their audience. On religion and pretty much everything else, though, Joe just says what he thinks.

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