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Lele Pons Is Baring It All in Her New YouTube Docuseries



When it comes to social media royalty, it’s hard to leave Lele Pons off the list. She is one of the original social media influencers who took a little bit of fame from now-deceased social media app, Vine, and stars who ushered in the era of social media fame. She became the first star on the platform to amass 1 billion loops on Vine and went on to reach more than 7 billion loops before the platform shut down.

After Vine shut down, Lele moved onto YouTube where she now has 16.1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She also has 40.4 million followers on Instagram and 1.9 million followers on Twitter. Most people know a lot about Lele’s professional life as she is so open about it on her social platforms, but her personal life seems to allude many fans who can’t tell what’s real and what’s a prank for content. 

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Lele has a YouTube docuseries premiering May 19 titled “The Secret Life of Lele Pons,” which many fans hope will open up the social media star and help them get some answers to questions like her plans to get pregnant or get married to her maybe-boyfriend, Twan Kuyper.

Many fans speculate about her relationship with BFF, Twan Kuyper.

Lele and Twan frequently appear in each other’s videos, pretended to get married, and even pretended to be pregnant. In a May 2019 video, Lele takes the pregnancy test and after the results come through, she runs downstairs to announce that she’s pregnant. When she gets no reaction at all, Lele says, “I’m pregnant, it’s not a prank.” 

The video did, in fact, turn out to be a prank. Lele is not pregnant, but fans were very confused because the video was quite convincing. One user wrote, “I can’t tell if lele is ACTUALLY joking.” 

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While the two are not in a confirmed relationship, in an interview with WIRED, Lele did confirm that the Dutch model is her "best friend.”

In a video for Tinder, she said in the video, “I don’t know what happened to us. We went sky diving and we became the best of friends… I think that he is blood-related to me. It’s a connection that no one has. Only best friends have this connection. Twan is literally my brother… My relationship with Twan is something that no guy will ever see because it’s impossible to get so close.”

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Lele reveals her mental health issues in her new docuseries.

In her YouTube docuseries, “The Secret Life of Lele Pons,” the internet star will reveal her struggle with Tourette syndrome and obsessive-compulsive disorder. The series also will feature Lele dealing with the challenges of family dynamics and internet backlash.

“I have struggled with OCD, Tourette syndrome and other mental health conditions since I was a young child,” Lele told Variety, “I was embarrassed for a long time but I eventually realized I needed to come out with the truth to live the healthiest life I could.”

“The Secret Life of Lele Pons” will roll out weekly over five weeks on Tuesdays, beginning May 19.

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