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Source: getty

Lil Nas X Came Out on His Album and No One Noticed


Is Lil Nas X gay? That's what many fans think after reading a social media tweet from the rapper promoting his track, "Clo7ure." He tweeted it at the end of June 2019, and asked people to "listen closely" to the song before "this month ends."

"This month" is a reference to Pride Month, which saw some record-breaking parade attendance numbers in certain parts of the country.

Nas X recently released his EP, titled 7 and has been making some pretty smart moves in the music industry. For example, he's currently riding the wave of his single "Old Town Road." Instead of trying to tour on his name alone or opening for bands with just that one track, he comes in for brief performance cameos with other popular artists, like Cardi B, during live shows.