'Survivor 46' Contestant Liz Wilcox Says She Lied About Being a Millionaire to Minimize Threat Level

Liz Wilcox has been claiming that she's a millionaire since the first episode of 'Survivor.' Find out the truth.


May 24 2024, Updated 10:42 a.m. ET

Liz Wilcox in 'Survivor' in a yellow tank top.
Source: CBS

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for the finale of Season 46 of Survivor.

The 46th season of Survivor has crowned its victor, but plenty of people latched on to another detail from the episode. Liz Wilcox, who has been the season's most divisive contestant, didn't ultimately win the million-dollar prize that's given to every winner. Instead, Liz was voted off, but not before she made some pretty extravagant proclamations about her personal wealth.

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As she was talking with her fellow contestants, Liz claimed that she was already a millionaire, and so she knew that she would never be allowed to win the $1 million on Survivor. After she made that claim, many naturally wanted to know whether it could possibly be true. Here's what we know about her wealth.

Liz Wilcox during an interview on 'Survivor' in a yellow tank top.
Source: CBS
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Is Liz from 'Survivor' really a millionaire?

Liz made a lot of claims over the course of her time on the show, including about things that she may or may not be allergic to, and some people have naturally gotten kind of suspicious of her as a result.

While we don't know exactly how much money she has, we do know what Liz does for a living, which could give us some clues.

While some believe Liz runs a multi-level marketing scheme, in reality, she runs a company that sells email newsletter templates accompanied by short training videos. In essence, she helps people market themselves and their brands, and it seems like she has had a great deal of success with that business ... but maybe not as much as she claimed on the show.

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After the finale, Liz said that she had lied about being a millionaire.

After the Season 46 finale aired, Liz shared on her Instagram Story that she is not actually a millionaire. "For the record, I'm not actually a millionaire," she said. "I just said that to minimize my threat level. It worked until it didn't. Ben's a hard one to read. Allergies are real tho. Obvi."

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It's a bold strategy, that's for sure. Would it have been enough to sway the jury in her favor if she had made it to the final three? Unfortunately, we'll never know. Luckily for Liz, she still made a good chunk of change for making it to the jury. And the publicity certainly didn't hurt her business. She's even further diversified her post-show income by offering Cameos. We love a self-marketing queen.

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'Survivor' has crowned its winner at the end of Season 46.

Liz's renewed insistence that she was a millionaire wasn't the only development on the May 22, 2024, episode of Survivor. The show also revealed that Kenzie Petty was the winner of the show's 46th season.

“Yeah, I got brought along on votes,” Kenzie told the tribal jury in the episode. “I’ll take it. I’ll own it. It’s true. I’m not going to say I drove a vote.”

Kenzie's victory made at least one member of the Season 46 cast a millionaire, although she acquired her money in a pretty different way than Liz. The season's end also means an end to each of the characters we've come to know throughout the season. Not to worry, though. As the show comes closer and closer to its 50th season, it's almost undoubtedly only going to get more interesting and intense for both contestants and viewers at home.

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