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Source: YouTube

Believe It or Not, 'Magic for Humans' Isn't Edited


Netflix's reality magic show Magic for Humans premiered last year, wowing some viewers with its magic tricks and making others skeptical. Host and magician Justin Willman uses each episode to wow people on the street with his magic tricks, showcasing his abilities and shocking guests and viewers each episode.

But how much of the show is actually real, and how much is just a trick of the camera? Ahead of the second season, fans really want to know if the show is edited.

Justin says that Magic for Humans isn't edited.

Believe it or not, Justin and the producers pay very close attention to how much they're editing the episode and keep everything as real as they possibly can. While there's obviously some editing that goes into the show, they keep the tricks as unedited and clean-cut as possible, meaning that yes, the guests' reactions are real.