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Source: Netflix

Maya Hawke Calls Her Coming Out Scene a "Beautiful Thing" in Season 3 of 'Stranger Things'


[Warning: Season 3 spoilers ahead]

If you’ve already binge-watched (like we did) Season 3 of Stranger Things, then you know one breakout character from the show is Scoops Ahoy employee and Steve’s new best friend, Robin (played by Maya Hawke). The ice cream scooper helped crack a top secret Russian code, fight the evil Soviet men, and helped to save Hawkins … though, we can’t say the same for the Starcourt Mall. 

Robin has totally infiltrated the Stranger Things squad, and we’re so happy for the new addition to the team. One of the best scenes in the series is when Steve and Robin have a heart-to-heart in the mall restroom. When Steve finally confesses to having a crush on his co-worker, she reveals that she likes him, but only as a friend. Robin goes on to reveal that she actually hated Steve as a kid because she had a crush on Tammy Thompson.