The Rumors About Paige Being Pregnant on 'MAFS' Are Freaking Fans Out

On the recent episode of 'MAFS,' Paige talks to Chris and Chris's ex Mercedes about a pregnancy...but does that mean she's pregnant?

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Mar. 3 2021, Published 11:25 p.m. ET

paige on MAFS
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Chris Williams on Married at First Sight may easily be 2021's top TV villain. If you've been watching Season 12 of MAFS, then you know the nightmare that is poor Paige Banks' marriage to Chris. While the details are a bit murky (and who knows what is actually happening behind the scenes), it seems like Chris told his ex Mercedes Myrick he was joining MAFS around the same time she revealed to him that she was pregnant with their child. 

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And that's already messy, especially since it's not totally clear when they broke up. But the situation only grew worse once Chris expressed he wasn't attracted to Paige (to her face), slept with her anyway, and confessed he still might be in love with Mercedes — and that's just the start of Chris's toxic behavior toward Paige, his wife. Now, there are rumors that Paige is pregnant, and we cannot imagine a worse outcome for her.

chris mercedes
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Chris and Mercedes

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Is Paige pregnant on 'MAFS'?

Paige is not pregnant on MAFS, although she does admit she thought she could be. We can rule out Paige being pregnant with Chris's child for now, since Paige has not gone on to confirm she's pregnant, and it doesn't seem like the MAFS couple are going to end up on good terms by the end of this season. Paige reveals she thought she was pregnant when she is talking to Mercedes, Chris's ex in the recent episode. Mercedes asked, "Pregnant by who?" which angered fans.

Um, pregnant by your despicable ex, that's who. Ya know, the guys she's legally married to. The responses to this plot twist of sorts are pretty spot on. 

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One fan tweeted, "So Mercedes, why are you surprised that Paige may have been pregnant by Chris? That is her 'husband.' And wait, Chris didn't tell you about the honeymoon baby plan?" (The tweet referred to Chris announcing that he wants to have another baby with Paige on their honeymoon earlier on in the season.)

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Another echoed the thought a lot of viewers have, which is that MAFS is just using Paige so that people tune in and the show stays interesting (although this has been denied). "They are torturing Paige for the sake of ratings and it is truly disgusting. Whatever contractural obligation should be null and void at this point because this man got a whole other woman pregnant," a fan wrote.

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Is Chris's ex Mercedes even pregnant?

Another question fans have is whether or not Mercedes is even pregnant. According to sources, Chris was recently spotted on vacation in Mexico with Mercedes, who did not appear pregnant (and not enough time has passed for Mercedes to have given birth). It's possible that Mercedes tragically miscarried the baby — or that Mercedes and Chris weren't being truthful about the pregnancy, and just fabricated it for clout. On February 17, Mercedes post a birthday photo in which she appears not pregnant.

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It's obviously nobody's business about Mercedes' personal life, but since she did agree to be part of MAFS for at least one episode, it's hard for fans to look away and not speculate. Like, what is going on here, exactly? And are Chris and Mercedes back together? What about Paige? 

For Paige's sake, we hope that she finds her happy ever after — which doesn't look like it's with Chris, and good riddance. 

Catch MAFS every Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

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