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Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland Decided to Postpone Their Wedding Until Further Notice



Wells Adams slid into Sarah Hyland's DMs in August 2017, and the rest is history. By September, the star of Bachelor in Paradise and the Modern Family alum and CMT Music Awards host had their first official date — at an Emmys party, no less — and in no time, they became one of the most envied couples in Hollywood. 

They got engaged during a trip to Fiji in July 2019. Shortly after, they announced their wedding date, which was originally set for Aug. 8, 2020. So, why are they not married yet?!

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Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland postponed their wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In June 2020, Sarah announced that the wedding was put on hold indefinitely due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

"We have no plans as of right now. [...] We've put all planning on hold," she told Chris Harrison during a previous episode of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever!

"All of my family is on the east coast, so for them to fly out...and just ages [of the guests] and of course with my health risks, we want to be as safe as possible," she explained. 

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Sarah has been open about her struggles with kidney dysplasia, a health condition that puts her in a high-risk category. 

As Wells revealed in a previous interview with Access Hollywood, they ruled out the prospect of a Zoom wedding without much hesitation. However, they weren't against the idea of holding the ceremony in their backyard, he remarked. 

"If it lasts really long, I think we might do a small backyard thing," Wells said. 

On Aug. 8, 2020, the stars set up a photoshoot featuring several, equally beautiful white gowns, an oh-so-subtle, elbow-length veil, and a flower bouquet to mark what would have been their wedding date. 

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Wells and Sarah celebrated their three-year anniversary on Thursday, Oct. 15, 2020.

Wells first slid into Sarah's DMs in August 2017. For a while, they were exchanging DMs, eventually graduating to voice memos, FaceTime calls, and in-person get-togethers. 

As Sarah revealed in a previous interview with Self, however, the first days of their relationship didn't go down without further complications. In September 2017, she had to undergo surgery after her body rejected a kidney implant. 

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Although they were still in the early stage of the relationship, Wells wasted no time, hopping on a plane from Nashville, Tenn. to Los Angeles to visit Sarah.

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"We kind of did a trial by fire [...] Our very first date was the night before the Emmy party. I just threw him in a room of really big people and he handled it like a champ. Then another trial by fire, like, 'Hey, I just had a lifesaving surgery, will you fly to L.A. and come over and hang out at my house and make me tacos? Thanks,'" Sarah told People in a previous interview. 

"It definitely set a tone of: 'this is my life. If you can handle the fire, great. If you can't, goodbye,'" she added.

They have been happily together ever since. 

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