Tammy Slaton
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Don't Worry, Rumors That Tammy Slaton of '1000-lb Sisters' Is Dead Aren't True


Mar. 27 2021, Updated 4:35 p.m. ET

Rumors that Tammy Slaton of 1000-lb Sisters is dead have been making the rounds, with fans concerned that Tammy has succumbed to health complications. In recent episodes, it's become clear that Tammy is struggling to lose weight, and has actually gained a lot more weight. By the Season 2 finale, Tammy weighed 665 pounds. "I mean, sometimes I try to eat healthier, and then other days I'm like, 'What the heck's the point?'" Tammy confessed.

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Tammy has acknowledged that she's depressed, admitting, "I know I shouldn't sit there and eat it all, but I do, and I don't know how to stop."

This came after her COVID-19 diagnosis back in November 2020. Due to her getting sick, Tammy had to stay in the hospital for two weeks. Her condition was severe enough for doctors to hook her up to an oxygen tank in order to prevent lung failure.

Source: Tammy Slaton/YouTube
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Is Tammy Slaton still alive?

Are the rumors true? Is Tammy dead?

Although it's true that Tammy Slaton is struggling on her weight loss journey, and did, in fact, test positive for COVID-19, the star of 1000-lb Sisters is still alive despite the rumors that something happened to her.

Tammy has continued to post videos and photos to both her TikTok and Instagram accounts. Her latest TikTok is from March 27 (at the time of publication),