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Source: Travel Channel

Fans of 'The Dead Files' Have a Lingering Question About the Show: Is It Real?


The biggest question on anyone's minds whenever they watch a reality TV series, especially one that's in the realm of the paranormal, is if it's real or not. I get my fair share of queries from folks who see me on A&E's Ghost Hunters about the legitimacy of the show. I tell them the same thing I tell everyone: the investigations are sacred, but there is some "staging" of other shots, and I'd assume The Dead Files follows a similar outline.

With Ghost Hunters, obviously there's some setting up that takes place for witness interviews and set-up shots prior to our investigations. We know camera ops are going to be there and sometimes we'll re-say what we said or came to a conclusion to on camera but in a more concise way so it's more easily edited for brevity in TV time. However, the moments during our investigations are all hands-off and real: all of those occur in the moment and are more or less unedited.