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Source: CBS

Does the Actor Who Plays Adam on 'Mom' Use a Wheelchair in Real Life?


CBS' Mom has been going strong for six seasons now, and the series shows no signs of stopping. Last week, we watched as wheelchair-bound Adam (William Fichtner) bought Bonnie (Alison Janney) a new car, while Christy went out with Sergei, Yuri's cousin.

Adam Janikowski, who met Bonnie Plunkett in Season 3 when he accidentally dialed the wrong number and Bonnie answered the phone, became a mainstay on the show in Season 4. Before long, Adam moved in with Bonnie, much to the relief of Mom fans who adored the character and never wanted him to leave.

But now that he's here to stay, many viewers are wondering whether William Fichtner, the actor who plays Bonnie's other half, actually uses a wheelchair.