James Charles May Have Shaved His Head, but Some Fans Think It's a Trick

James Charles has debuted a new, apparently shaved head, which has caused some fans to wonder whether the influencer is actually balding.


Feb. 12 2021, Updated 12:44 p.m. ET

Few people know how to cause a stir on the internet like James Charles. The influencer recently created a buzz after he shared an image of himself where he appeared to have a shaved head accompanied by a bald emoji. In one image, he's wearing all black along with a matching black face mask. In another, he's in the same outfit sitting behind a table posing for the camera. 

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Is James Charles balding?

Given James's newly shaved head, some are wondering whether he's donned this look because he was losing his hair. While that's certainly a possibility, James has yet to say whether hair loss contributed to his decision. Although he hasn't explained yet, James did do plenty of work to tease his followers about his new hair. Before he revealed his new hair, he said on Instagram that his stories had been "slacking so bad recently." 

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Then, James posted a selfie where his hair was covered. In the caption, he wrote: "Wait until you guys see what I did with my hair." In a video posted online, James explains his decision to shave his hair to a paparazzo, saying he was "just trying something new." James also said that he had shaved the hair off himself. 

Some fans think James Charles' hair isn't real.

Although the news that James shaved his head has certainly caused a stir, there are some who think that James' new look isn't real at all. Speculation has already begun online that James is actually wearing a bald cap or using a filter to make it seem like his hair is actually gone. If that's the case, the trick certainly worked on enough people to spark a conversation. 

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"Oh sis... you tried.. but we know," one user wrote on Twitter. 

"BREAKING: James Charles to play Jeff Bezos in new biopic. Expected to hit streaming platforms this summer," another added. 

James even got in on the fun, retweeting some of the comments about his new hair, including a couple that weren't exactly coming down in favor of his new look. 

Source: Twitter
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James likely knows that getting in on the online discussion can only help to fuel more reactions. He's created a brand out of engaging his followers through his behavior and his reactions to it. Any conversation about his new look can only benefit him in the end, even if some people online seem to be firmly opposed to it. 

James has created a relatable, aspirational brand.

Although James is living rather large these days, he amassed a following in part through his ability to seem relatable. His YouTube videos might feature makeup tutorials and the occasional celebrity guest, but he seems to know how to avoid too much controversy and instead focuses on engaging with the following that got him to where he is today. 

James may not be balding, but his new look is just the latest example of how he keeps himself in the conversation. Whether you love or hate his new hair (or lack thereof), you're definitely going to be talking about it. 

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