'Street Outlaws' Star Jason Cantu's Life Revolves Around Modifying and Racing Cars

Chris Barilla - Author

Apr. 4 2022, Published 4:48 p.m. ET

Ever since revving onto the scene in 2013, Street Outlaws has become the cornerstone of reality racing television. The Discovery-helmed program has developed a cult-like following that has swelled so much that the network has created six different spinoff series based in different locales and tournaments.

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One of the stars who's appeared in more than one Street Outlaws spinoff is Jason Cantu, of Street Outlaws: America's List and Street Outlaws: Fastest in America. Thanks to his prowess behind the wheel, Jason has been shaking up the world of street racing quite a bit. So, who exactly is Jason? Keep reading for details on the renowned racer's life.

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Who is 'Street Outlaws' star Jason Cantu?

One look at Jason's Facebook page shows that the reality star isn't just putting on a facade for the cameras; he actually lives and breathes all things automobile. The Brownsville, Texas native is famous on Street Outlaws for piloting a heavily modified Chevrolet S-10. Jason's vehicle, which is nicknamed "La Vicktoria" (also the name of his Facebook page) is packed with over 1,500 horsepower, fed to it by a massive turbocharger.

When he isn't racing La Vicktoria on the street, Jason is a fervent mechanic who is obsessed with cars. His official YouTube channel, La Vicktoria Racing, has nearly 2,000 followers. The videos that he posts to this page are a mixture of footage of races and him working on a variety of his car's features.

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As can be seen throughout posts such as this one on his Facebook, Jason is married to Jessica Olvera and is the father of two young sons. A report by Reality Tidbit also states that he takes home somewhere between $20,000 and $30,000 per episode of each Street Outlaws spinoff that he shoots. Jason, like all other street racers, also makes some money by earning cash prizes via championship titles in a variety of races.

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Jason Cantu previously fought Brian "Chucky" Davis on 'Street Outlaws.'

Despite being a star on a major reality show, Jason has largely kept his private life to himself, as evidenced by the few posts that he makes about his personal life. However, one of Jason's most viral moments on Street Outlaws was when he got into a scuffle with fellow star Brian "Chucky" Davis in the summer of 2021. The fight included Jason attacking Chucky from behind after a heated disagreement. After the episode aired, fans shared their disagreement with Jason's actions online.

"I'm surprised that Chucky didn't kick his ass more than he did, I would have tried to make sure that he would never do that to anyone else ever again. Maybe including pressing charges against him with the local law enforcement for assault also," wrote one fan on a show forum.

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Another fan gave their take in the YouTube comments under the fight video, writing, "I used to like Jason and always thought he was fast but I just can't have no respect for a guy that's going to run up behind another man and cheap-shot him like that. If he wanted to fight then he should have been man enough to at least face Chucky instead of running up behind him."

In the time since the fight went down, Jason hasn't done much to address the fans who questioned his temperament. It also appears that he is still not on the best of terms with Chucky. Nonetheless, Street Outlaws is about racing, not friendship, right? And if there's one thing that Jason is still clearly working hard at, it's being the fastest person on the track.

Check out Street Outlaws and its various spinoffs on Discovery Plus.

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