Hold up, Did Jasper and Brandon Really Just Quit Jake Logan's Podcast During an Episode?

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Sep. 12 2023, Updated 2:18 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • BS w/ Jake Paul podcast hosts Jasper and Brandon may have just quit their positions.
  • The announcement came while they were recording for their Sept. 7 episode.
  • Fans feel as if the whole thing is staged.
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The Paul brothers of Logan and Jake cannot seem to catch a break lately. Amidst his ongoing controversial reputation with NFT scams and problematic content, Logan Paul has been caught in an ugly feud with MMA fighter Dillon Danis as their build-up to their Prime card fight extends to each other's loved ones. As for his younger brother Jake, he's no darling of the press having been an outspoken denier of the COVID-19 pandemic and being charged for illegitimate cryptocurrency transactions.

Despite all this, Jake still remains one of the most popular social media personalities in the world. But his attitude and mounting controversies can only be tolerated for so long, especially when it comes to his colleagues. And as it would appear, two of his closest collaborators have had enough. Jake's podcast co-hosts, Jasper and Brandon, may have just quit during an episode. Here's what went down and what fans have to say about the drama.

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Did Jasper and Brandon just quit Jake Paul's podcast?

Jake Paul began his podcast, BS w/ Jake Paul back in the summer of 2022. Though they primarily discuss recent events in the world of sports, they also get into some political discussions with varying degrees of controversy. He's run the series with two other co-hosts. One of them is musician Demaurae Rondelle Nichols, commonly known as Kill Jasper or simply Jasper. The other is online personality Brandon Amato.

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While the podcast has been going strong for over a year, Brandon and Jasper dropped an enormous bombshell during the Sept. 7, 2023 episode. As if someone as controversial as Jake Paul talking about climate change weren't chancy enough already, Jasper and Brandon seemingly tried to quit on the spot during the episode.

"I'm putting in my two weeks' notice actually," Brandon states matter-of-factly during the podcast in clips that have been circulating around TikTok.

Jasper echoed the sentiment immediately, stating "Y'all should have noticed two weeks ago that that I just wasn't trying to do this s---."

Jake asks them outright if this episode would be their last. Based on their responses, it appeared as if they couldn't wait to get out of there to begin with.

"If I can do that instead of doing two weeks, that would be great," Brandon claimed.

"I would much rather not do this [podcast]," Jasper agreed.

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Jake was caught in major disbelief while both of his co-hosts doubled down on wanting to leave. Jasper claimed to be on strike until his talent bookers quit while Brandon called his strike permanent. To that end, both of them ended up walking off set during the podcast.

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The announcement was so sudden and abrupt that some fans are convinced that the whole this was staged. One person called their quitting a "skit" while others simply feel as if the whole interaction was planned from the start.

Indeed, the fact that they bothered to have an entire podcast discussion before quitting is certainly enough to raise some eyebrows.

BS w/ Jake Paul has not responded to inquiries for commentary as of this writing.

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