Tell Us It's Not True! Try Guys Podcast Producer Miles Bonsignore Said He Quit His Job

Miles made a video saying that he left his job (presumably with the Try Guys) after five years ... and we are devastated! But did he really leave?

Jamie Lerner - Author

Sep. 12 2023, Published 11:12 a.m. ET

Just the Gist

  • TryPod producer Miles Bonsignore revealed that he decided to leave the Try Guys.
  • Redditors believe Miles left to focus on his own projects and his family.
  • Miles is revealing more about his decision on his YouTube channel.
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When social media started taking over the world, we needed a way to try every trend and idea without really trying them ourselves. And that’s where the Try Guys came in. In 2014, Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld, Eugene Lee Yang, and Ned Fulmer formed “The Try Guys” while working at Buzzfeed. And by 2018, Miles Bonsignore joined the team.

When the Try Guys formed their own company, 2nd Try LLC, they hired Miles as a video and audio producer. But throughout the years, Miles became even more essential to their various projects, creating and producing The TryPod and You Can Sit With Us. But Miles just dropped a devastating TikTok video saying that he quit his job. Did he really leave The Try Guys behind?

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Miles Bonsignore did leave the Try Guys.

In Miles’s video, which he dropped on his TikTok on Sept. 11, 2023, he said, “So last week, after five years of dutiful employment, I quit my job. And I wanted to hop on here to tell you why.” However, with the magic of video editing, Miles explains that he’ll reveal why he quit at 8 a.m. PST on Sept. 12 on his YouTube channel.

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Within 17 hours, the video had already amassed almost 350,000 views, proving just how significant this is in Try Guys canon. In addition, his Instagram bio now says, “Former podcast producer for Try Guys.” This confirms the fact that he’s leaving the Try Guys, although it doesn’t confirm why.

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Try Guys fans are desperately trying to figure out why Miles decided to leave the Try Guys.

For as long as he can remember, Miles wanted to be in the entertainment field. He hopped around from job to job hoping for an opportunity. He was part of Buzzfeed’s fellowship program when the Try Guys were there, so years later, Ned and Keith reached out to Miles to bring him in for an interview. Luckily, Miles got the job as one of their first employees and we’ve never looked back.

But Miles wasn’t just a producer. On the podcast, he basically became another Try Guy (especially now that Ned is out of the crew), and he showed up in various clips and videos. His decision to leave is going to be a major blow for the Try Guys, who will somehow need to find a producer just as skilled and charismatic as Miles.

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In fact, some fans said that Miles became their favorite part of the Try Guys. One Redditor said, “This would low-key suck for the Try Guys, because Miles was one of the last assets of the channel that managed to keep my interest …” In fact, some fans are speculating that maybe he’s just leaving as a full-time employee and is switching to a contract in the hopes that he doesn’t leave the plog.

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Others still aren’t surprised. “He has said several times that he comes home from working for Try Guys and works on his own projects,” another Redditor said. “That would be so draining with a newborn too. His podcast is great and he must have good ad revenue coming in. I doubt there is drama, just a natural step as he becomes more successful. Guess we’ll find out tomorrow!”

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It seems like there’s likely no drama, since the Try Guys and Miles still follow each other on social media. In fact, Zach even hinted in an interview that “one of his employees is … too big and talented” to stay but that he wishes them the best. It’s very possible that he was referring to Miles, who’s amassed over 86,000 followers on TikTok and 113,000 followers on Instagram.

And based on Miles’s individual aspirations, a departure from the Try Guys could be the right move to catapult him into stardom.

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