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Source: AEW

Jeff Cobb Just Made His AEW Debut, but Will He Be Staying for Good?


The AEW has been building its brand in a relatively short amount of time, providing a healthy competitor to the WWE's NXT programming on Wednesday nights. A lot of that has to do with strategic talent acquisitions like Jeff Cobb, who recently debuted on Dynamite. Let's take a look at how the AEW becoming a formidable adversary to the WWE and why Jeff may be another big knock against the entertainment company.

The AEW is using big acquisitions, like Jeff Cobb for 'Dynamite', to bring in WWE's audience.

Since the WWE is pretty much the definitive name when it comes to professional wrestling, it's easy to forget when it wasn't. For a solid 84 weeks, the WCW was beating out Vince McMahon's brand of wrasslin' when it came to ratings.