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Source: AEW

AEW's The Bunny Is the Dark Alter Ego of This Longtime Pro Wrestler


When I was growing up, women in pro-wrestling were few and far between. They usually were either managers, interview correspondents, or the wives and girlfriends of professional wrestlers who were used for various infidelity storylines. Over the years, however, that changed when actual women's divisions were adopted by big league promotions. Now, lots of female stars bring in more viewers than their male counterparts, and AEW's The Bunny is garnering a lot of attention.

Who is The Bunny?

Whenever there's a masked man/woman in any show, the first question on everyone's mind is: "Who the heck is that?!" In the AEW's case, it's longtime professional wrestler Laura Dennis, who also goes by the name of Allie. The 32-year-old wrestler got her start on her 18th birthday when she signed up at the Squared Circle training arena in Toronto, Ontario and began studying under Rob Etcheverria. He named her "Cherry Bomb" and from 2005-2016, she began appearing in regional Canadian promotions.