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Source: instagram

Jessica Simpson Accused of Shaming Mothers Who Can't Breastfeed For This Instagram Post


A recent Instagram post from Jessica Simpson that contained a full bottle of pumped breast milk started a conversation around "milk shaming" online.

My wife breastfed both of our children and, in fact, is still feeding our daughter who's hitting the year mark pretty soon. It opened up my eyes to a lot of things that I never knew existed.

Like the fact that the stuff is pretty darn magical and comes with a host of healing and growth properties you'd probably never learn about until you had kids.

It also contains a bunch of antibodies specially designed to keep your baby healthy. The proteins and fats in breast milk also aid in brain development. It's no wonder why bodybuilders are willing to shell out tons of cash for high-quality boob juice. Breastfeeding also naturally burns calories, and helps to induce contractions in a mother's belly, aiding in reducing a mom's belly size after giving birth.

But the other phenomenon that I was introduced to was the seedy underbelly of "breast milk shaming." Yes, it actually exists, there are tons of moms on the internet who will raise pitchforks and judge other moms for electing to formula feed their babies.

While breastfeeding children is natural and inexpensive, there are plenty of reasons why some moms go the formula route.