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Source: Getty Images

Jessica Simpson Recorded Six New Songs, But You Can Only Hear Them If You Buy Her Audiobook


It’s been a big month for Jessica Simpson. Her new memoir, Open Book came out on Feb. 4, and the publicity around it has been truly surprising. After many years of wondering what really happened to Jessica back in the day, we’re finally starting to learn the truth — and so much of it has not been pretty. Although many of the things we’ve learned about Jessica’s life have been sad, there’s good news, too. Some of the best news of all is that Jessica Simpson has new songs!

Jessica Simpson’s new songs were originally announced on Instagram.

On Feb. 4, 2020, Jessica took to Instagram to share some very exciting news: She’s releasing new songs in tandem with her book release! She revealed in the caption that she recorded a total of six new songs and had decided to release them at the end of her audiobook recording: