Jennifer Lopez and Vanessa Hudgens Weren't Actually Twinning at the Met Gala


May 3 2022, Published 11:17 a.m. ET

Vanessa Hudgens
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Every year, the Met Gala is a great night to both admire and be horrified by the various fashions that celebrities decide to wear. There are always a few stunning looks as well as a couple of terrible misfires, but this year, there was additional controversy after a photo circulated on social media suggesting that Jennifer Lopez and Vanessa Hudgens had worn the same dress to the event.

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Photoshop leads to a fake rumor.

Even as social media was buzzing about the looks from people like Billie Eilish, Kim Kardashian, and yes, Jared Leto, there was also a rumor floating around that JLo and Vanessa had inadvertently shown up in the same dress. The dress, which was designed by Moschino, is a black floor-length sheer gown that features a lace bodice, a long train and puffy sleeves.

Jennifer Lopez
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A post on Twitter suggested that the two were both wearing the dress, but it eventually became clear that the photo of JLo wasn't real. Instead, someone had taken a photo of Vanessa Hudgens, who actually did wear the dress, and photoshopped JLo's head onto the image. If you look closely at the image of JLo, it's not that hard to tell that her face has been photoshopped, but the image did manage to fool plenty of people.

JLo wasn't even at this year's Met Gala.

Some people may have been convinced that JLo and Vanessa wore the same thing to the Met Gala, but in reality, JLo wasn't even in attendance this year. Neither she nor her new fiancé Ben Affleck were in attendance, although she didn't make it clear why she had chosen to skip out on the event. JLo did show up for last year's Met Gala, and wore a beaded Ralph Lauren neck gown that featured a sizable slit.

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The Met Gala was relatively controversy free.

Other than the confusion around JLo and Vanessa, there was relatively little controversy surrounding this year's Gala. There was, of course, the usual clamoring on social media about wealthy elites who dress in occasionally ridiculous garb that looks like it came straight from The Hunger Games, but that accompanies the Met Gala every year.

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It's true, of course, that the Met Gala is a very obvious display of wealth, and that celebrities do often wear insane clothing to the event. Ultimately, though, the Met Gala is not the horrible display of power that many perceive it to be.

The Hollywood celebrities that are in attendance are certainly wealthy, but they have nothing on the billionaires who run many of the world's largest companies.

Creating a more equal world isn't about making sure that celebrities can't dress however they want, it's about making sure that those who have more money than they can ever spend are taxed appropriately. You can get mad about out of touch elites wearing funny clothes, but, with the exception of occasional attendee Elon Musk, these are not the wealthiest people on the planet.

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