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Source: Getty

John Cena Tried to Have a Dig at Nikki Bella — at Least, According to Some Fans


John Cena's latest tweets gave way to fervent speculation, with many fans arguing that he might not be fully over his ex-fiancée and fellow WWE star Nikki Bella just yet. 

A cross-over between life advice and philosophical riffs, the cryptic messages revolve around how people should act in relationships. Posted on Jan. 29 — just hours after the news about Nikki Bella's pregnancy emerged — the tweets led many to wonder if perhaps John was trying to have a dig at his ex-girlfriend.

So, did John Cena tweet about Nikki Bella? What's going on?

"Be who you are regardless of who you are with," John wrote on Wednesday, Jan. 29, a few hours after Nikki announced that she is expecting her first baby. 

However, this wasn't the only postulate John shared with his followers. The next day, he returned to Twitter to further extrapolate on the discombobulating sentence.