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Josh and Allie Could Have a Slow-Burn Romance Like Grissom and Sara on 'CSI: Vegas'

Shannon Raphael - Author

Oct. 20 2021, Published 4:45 p.m. ET

During the original run of CSI, viewers were enthralled with the slow burn, will-they-won't-they relationship between Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) and Gil Grissom (Will Petersen). For years, the investigators flirted and fought with one another before they made their relationship official. Sara and Grissom eventually got married and divorced before they officially chose to stay together in the 2015 series finale.

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In the limited sequel series, CSI: Vegas, Grissom and Sara are, once again, married, and it finally seems like nothing can break their relationship this time around (even as they disagree about whether David Hodges was framed).

Though Sara and Grissom are settled in their romance this time around, those who are missing their original dynamic do not need to look far for a suitable replacement.

'CSI: Vegas'
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Las Vegas Crime Lab investigators Allie Rajan (Mandeep Dhillon) and Josh Folsom (Matt Lauria) share more than just a passion for using science to solve cases. The characters have hinted at their past romantic involvement and, though Allie is living with her boyfriend, it's clear that the two have unresolved feelings for one another.

The connection between Josh and Allie is the only burgeoning romance we've seen on the series thus far — but will their relationship parallel the one between Grissom and Sara, or are they destined to stay apart?

Josh Folsom and Allie Rajan have hinted at their past romance on 'CSI: Vegas.'

While viewers don't yet know much about the nature of Allie and Josh's prior romance — like when they dated, or how long they were together — it becomes clear early on that the two are being billed as the next Sara and Grissom.

Their prior entanglement is first mentioned during the pilot episode, "Legacy." As Allie is asking fellow CSI Chris Park (Jay Lee) about Grissom and Sara's past history at the lab, he mentions something that lab technician David Hodges' once shared with him.

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"He told me that Sara and Gil Grissom were the star-crossed duo here before Josh and —" Chris begins, but Allie stops him before he can say her name.

"Don't," she interrupts.

Folsom and Allie
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Chris makes another comment about how Allie was originally going to move from Vegas back to Mumbai, but she decided not to because she "fell in love."

While Allie initially thinks that he is making another comment about her past with Josh, he then jokes that she fell for Dunkin Donuts and Carrie Underwood.

Later on in the episode, Allie tells Josh that she is moving in with her boyfriend. Though she invites Josh out to celebrate the news with her and her friends, he declines.

In the next episode, Allie and the Level III CSI work together on a case involving the murder of a couple on their wedding day. Once the two identify the perpetrator, Josh asks where Allie is going after work. She says she's going to her boyfriend's house, before remembering that she moved in with him.

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Though it's obvious to viewers and to the other CSI members that Allie and Josh have a connection, it will likely be some time before the two officially reignite any sort of relationship on the show.

After all, Allie now has a live-in boyfriend, and Josh doesn't seem to be the best with acknowledging his own feelings.

Mark and Allie Rajan
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Who is Allie Rajan's boyfriend, Mark, on 'CSI: Vegas'?

The Level II CSI has mentioned her beau, Mark, a few times on the show so far (and we briefly saw a photo of him on Allie's phone while she was investigating the double murder in Episode 2), but viewers have yet to actually meet him.

Allie's boyfriend will be played by Rich Ceraulo Ko, who has previously appeared on shows like General Hospital, Supergirl, and No Matter What.

Interestingly, Rich also portrayed Officer Elliott Woo on a 2014 episode of the original CSI.

According to IMDb, Mark will make his official CSI: Vegas debut on the penultimate episode of the season. While fans are hoping that Allie and Josh are endgame, it remains to be seen how her relationship with Mark will fare on the CBS drama.

CSI: Vegas airs on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. Users can catch up on the original CSI on Hulu.

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