'Love After Lockup' Star Joynomi Says Sway's Father Could Be One of Three Men (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

'Lock After Lockup' star Joynomi has been dating Redd for years; however, he is not the father of her son Sway. Here's what we know about Sway's dad.

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Oct. 6 2023, Published 4:02 p.m. ET

Source: WeTV / youtube

The Gist:

  • Love After Lockup star Joynomi has been dating her boyfriend Redd, who is currently incarcerated, for the past seven years.
  • Joynomi previously cheated on Redd, which resulted in the birth of her son Sway.
  • With Redd's release date nearing, she is currently looking into how he can legally adopt Sway.
  • A lawyer asks her to share details about Sway's biological father and she gives an unexpected answer.
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Season 8 of Love After Lockup introduced us to New Mexico couple Joynomi and Redd. They've been together for seven years, but never actually met in person. And because of that and the long distance, their relationship has struggled at times.

Joynomi explains that four years into her relationship with Redd, she ended up cheating as he was in the hole at times for six months and she got lonely. It resulted in the birth of her son Sway, who she loves very dearly. In an exclusive clip of Love After Lockup obtained by Distractify ahead of the Oct. 6 episode, she meets with a lawyer to discuss how Redd could get custody of her son. However, when the lawyer asks Joynomi to talk about Sway's biological father, she has a surprising answer.

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Source: WeTV / youtube

Who is the father of Joynomi's son Sway?

Although Sway currently believes Redd is his dad, Redd is not actually his biological father.

In an exclusive clip, Joynomi is talking to a lawyer about how Redd, who is getting out of prison in a few days, can adopt Sway and legally become his father.

The lawyer explains that in order for Redd to become Sway's father, he and Joynomi must be married for a few years and there must be a strong bond between Sway and Redd.

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The lawyer then asked Joynomi to tell him about Sway's biological father, where she decided to drop a bombshell.

"I'm not sure exactly who it is. It could be one of three people," Joynomi explained.

She then starts to get emotional about it, admitting that she's ashamed that she cheated and of not knowing who Sway's real dad is, but tries to see the positives. "I got something beautiful out of it. I got my son," she said.

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joynomi and son sway

In an aside, Joynomi explains that when she first started dating Redd, he told her he had three or four years left on his sentence before he got out on parole. However, he got in trouble while incarcerated and it only added more time onto his sentence. This definitely had an impact on their relationship.

"I was never asked how I felt about it. You know I'm lonely, I'm sad. I'm horny. It wasn't a good mix at all and that's why I cheated," Joynomi explained.

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