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J.T. Is One of the Heaviest Patients in 'My 600-lb Life' History



*Warning: Spoilers for J.T.'s episode of My 600-lb Life*

Wow, just when we thought My 600-lb Life couldn't get any crazier, we meet J.T., a patient who weighs nearly 900 pounds by the time he leaves his Oklahoma house behind to visit Dr. Now's offices in Houston.

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This is one of the heaviest patients to ever enter Dr. Now's care on the show, and certainly the heaviest one this writer has ever seen, but it's worth mentioning that J.T. also has a massive lymphedema on his leg that's adding an extra 100 pounds he has to carry, bringing his weight to a total of 892.

If you haven't watched the episode, you honestly should because it's a doozy. So much and yet so little happens, so it's kind of like the entire hour and a half flies by. If nothing else, you'll definitely remember why this show is so amazing in the first place.

Anyway, where is J.T. from My 600-lb Life now? Spoilers ahead!

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Source: tlc

The pain in J.T.'s 900-pound body "isn't as bad as the pain from not eating."

So, we meet J.T. in his modest Oklahoma house where he lives with his dog and girlfriend, Jessica. He's 32 years old but hasn't held a job since he hit 700 pounds at 25 because he couldn't physically stand upright. "Now I don't know how much I weigh," he announces.

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Jessica supports the household and always makes sure that J.T. is well-fed. Because more so than the myriad other patients we've seen on My 600-lb Life, J.T. is candid about how crucially obsessed and addicted he is to food.

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"Nothing in my life can compete with how food makes me feel," is a tidbit he shares. "Eating is better than sex for me and every time I take a bite it's like I'm transported to another world." Then later, "I can't imagine my life without it because it is my life. If I'm awake, I'm eating or waiting to eat, and if I'm sleeping, I'm dreaming of food."

J.T. manages to drop nearly 400 pounds under Dr. Now's care.

J.T. reaches the point where he's eating 24/7, weighs "so much I can hardly move" and starts to realize that "at any moment my heart could just give out," so he sets off on a harrowing road trip to Houston to visit Dr. Now.

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We'll save you some of the details, but essentially Dr. Now agrees to take him as a patient, though he advises J.T. he has to relocate to Houston because the back-and-forth is too much on his body and his lymphedema, which everyone is very concerned about. Jessica breaks up with J.T. because it's all just too much and she wants to go back to her regular life, and honestly, who can blame her.

This means that J.T. is tasked with losing the rest of the weight he needs to for the gastric sleeve surgery with the help of only Dr. Now and a cousin who comes to visit him in the Houston rehab and halfway houses he lives in ahead of the procedure.

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By the end of the 12-month journey, after a few serious tete-a-tetes with Dr. Now ("You're killing yourself with food," he tells J.T. at one point. "What part of that is hard to understand?!"), he gets the surgery and ultimately sheds a total of 373 pounds. His final weigh-in shows 491 lbs.

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Now that he's had the surgery and dropped the weight, the next step is to remove the humongous mass on his leg, which Dr. Now is hopeful will take away another hundred-or-so pounds. We don't see that happen on the show, but hope that he's had it done and is now well on the way to achieving his life goal of one day visiting Japan.

"I feel like all the hard work and all the sacrifice this took is paying off," he says when we leave him. "A year ago, I couldn't even see a future for myself."

Good for you, J.T.! New episodes of My 600-lb Life air Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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