Julian From 'My 600-lb Life' Now: See His Transformation and Get the Scoop on His New Lady

Julian is still living in Houston and has lost a substantial amount of weight. He's also welcomed a new lady in his life.


May 16 2024, Published 11:57 a.m. ET

Detroit native Julian Valentine was first introduced to My 600-lb Life viewers in November 2021 after making his debut in Season 10, Episode 2. That season also offered a glimpse into the lives of Nathan Prater and Ontreon Shannon.

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Before Julian sought help from Dr. Now, his life revolved around food. His now ex-wife, Irma (more on that below), even had to assist him with showering. During his initial visit with Dr. Now, Julian weighed in at 830 pounds. With a desire to regain control of his life and be the husband his wife wanted and deserved, Julian was ready to make some major changes. So, how much weight did he lose and where is he today? Here’s an update!

Where is Julian Valentine from ‘My 600-lb Life Now’?

Julian and his wife sitting on the bed in 'My 600-lb Life'
Source: TLC

Julian is still still living in Houston after moving there from Tucson. He also continues to lose weight. Since appearing on the show, and returning for Season 9, Episode 3, of My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?, which aired on May 15, 2024, Julian has lost a total of 279 pounds. A quick scroll through his social media accounts reveals he’s still working hard at reaching his target weight.

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During filming for the May 2024 episode, Julian revealed that he had secured a full-time, salaried job in tech support with benefits. However, it isn't clear if he’s still working in the same role.

Julian made a lot of progress with Dr. Now’s help.

Two months after his initial visit with Dr. Now, Julian weighed 714 pounds, prompting the doctor to approve him for his move to Houston. Although the move was quite stressful as an axle on their trailer broke while they were en route, resulting in the couple having to leave behind the bulk of their belongings on the side of the road, they got through it.

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By the time Julian made it back into Dr. Now’s office, he was 705 pounds and qualified for weight loss surgery. That helped him shed even more weight, with the scale reading 639 pounds 12 months after his initial visit. Although Julian remained committed to a strict diet and exercise regime (with a few vulnerable moments along the way), things were going well.

A year and five months after meeting Dr. Now, Julian and Irma were able to adopt his sister’s son, Saamir, who was around 9 months old at the time. Three months later, Julian weighed 551 pounds, reflecting a total weight loss of 279 pounds. Although Dr. Now advised Julian to continue losing weight so he could undergo skin removal surgery, it’s unclear if he was able to do so.

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Julian Valentine’s childhood issues may be the source of his eating problems.

Julian discusses his childhood issues with Dr. Paradise.
Source: TLC

While on his journey to leading a better life, Julian met with Dr. Matthew Paradise to discuss the root of his eating issue. Julian explained that when he was younger, his stepdad didn’t treat him very well, to say the least. He recalled him taking away Christmas and prohibiting him and his sisters from going into the kitchen.

As an alternative, he provided them with just a microwave, restricting them to only eating frozen meals. As conditions worsened, Julian’s mom kicked Julian out of the house, essentially choosing her husband over him.

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Julian then went to live with his grandma where he began to gain weight, thanks to her generous cooking. But, sometime later, Julian got a call from his mom asking him to aid her in removing his stepdad from the residence. Upon his arrival, his stepdad pulled a gun on him, although SWAT intervened.

It seems the lack of food and the replenishment of it while living with his grandmother led Julian to develop a habit of "stockpiling," aka overeating, as Dr. Paradise explained, eventually getting to him an unhealthy weight.

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Are Julian and Irma still together?

Julian, his wife, and their adopted son at Dr. Now's office.
Source: TLC

Somewhere along the way in Julian’s weight loss journey, he and Irma separated. So sadly, no, Julian and Irma are no longer together. However, he appears to have moved on with another woman who goes by TenaciousMoon on TikTok. In the comments section of a TikTok video posted on April 7, 2024, a fan accused Julian of shedding a few pounds and leaving his wife, to which he replied, “Everything you see on TV is not what it seems. FYI she left me. Next time don’t just assume.”

The back and forth continued with Julian’s new lady stepping in. “You fell for the TV act too huh, loud and wrong. Don’t come at my man without knowing the facts hunny.” While it’s unclear what led Julian and Irma to split, and how they divide their time with their adopted son, Julian has made a dramatic transformation and should be applauded for that!

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