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Shouldn't K. Michelle Have Twins by Now? A Look at the Drama Involving Her Surrogate



What in the world is going on with K. Michelle? The singer announced back in December that she had chosen a surrogate after freezing her eggs, but ever since reports surfaced in April that the woman — later identified as a YouTuber named Tonai — was pregnant with twins, there’s been radio silence.

So, is K. expecting a child (or children)? Season 6 of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is starting to fill in the blanks. 

K. Michelle originally wanted to get pregnant on her own.

After suffering a variety of health issues due to complications from a butt enhancement procedure, the reality star revealed in August 2018 that she was capable of getting pregnant again. 

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"Guess who was FINALLY given the go ahead to carry my own babies? ME!" she shared at the time. "Man, it’s been a journey. No surrogate needed. Embryos can come out [of] the freezer."

But K., who already has a son named Chase, ultimately decided to entrust Tonai — who previously carried triplets — with her embryos. However, the situation has unraveled dramatically since then.

Is K. Michelle’s surrogate actually pregnant?

We don’t know the answer to that. On recent episodes of LHH, K. is still questioning whether Tonai is the right fit and it’s difficult to tell from the mother of four's social media accounts if she is or was pregnant in recent months.

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In a conversation with her lawyer, K. complained about her arrangement with Tonai, who she initially met in an Ikea parking lot. "I picked Tonai because I love how she takes care of her kids," the songwriter explained. 

"But there have been some things that have given me [red flags] and, like, the social media stuff that’s going on. She did a whole video [announcing the surrogacy]," the Instagram influencer continued. "Imagine waking up and everyone knows your surrogate."

In a YouTube video, Tonai revealed, "So basically, I’m going to be a surrogate for a celebrity. I look at K. like a big sister and I’m able to give her the blessing that she always wanted."

Needless to say, K. wasn’t happy about the surprise announcement. "Being a public figure, people are always trying to take something from you or do something to you for some clout," she shared. 

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"On top of that, Tonai’s boyfriend has asked me for a contract. Who the f--k do you think I am, motherf--ker? You ain’t even having the kids, and that ain’t even your wife. It ain’t even gonna affect you. Never f--king play with me."

K. said she was drawn to Tonai because of her love for kids. "It never occurred to me that having a relationship with her would complicate things," the "Can’t Raise a Man" hitmaker admitted. "Maybe I need to consider other options."

We’ll soon find out if K. decided to keep Tonai as her surrogate, but if we had to guess, we’d say this partnership is about to go up in flames. 

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