Kanye Appeared to Eat His Own Earwax in Viral Video and Twitter Is Disturbed

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Mar. 25 2021, Updated 10:22 p.m. ET

Rapper Kanye West's Sunday services are a thing of legend. The rapper holds these weekly celebrations for friends and family, and unless you're in his inner circle, you hardly get a glance at what it's like. But now we've seen too much, so much more than we ever wanted to see, and we can't go back. 

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In a video taken by a fan at Kanye's latest Sunday service, the rapper / entrepreneur / mogul / visionary can be seen seemingly digging his finger into his ear and then bringing it around and putting something — presumably his own earwax — into his mouth. Twitter user @j0rgecastr0 posted the video with the caption, "So I didn't even notice but I got a video of @kanyewest eating his earwax." Immediately, the video went viral and Twitter exploded with all sorts of reactions. Here, take a look at the video yourself.

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I don't know, guys! I don't know why you would get all up in your ear like that and then bring those same fingers to your mouth unless you were about to eat something from your own ear. It's mighty suspicious! Right away, someone used Kanye's own lyrics against him in reaction to this nasty video. 

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Have you ever watched those earwax extraction videos on Instagram? They are gnarly and so satisfying. If it was my job to scrape out mounds of wax from people's ears, I would 100 percent call myself a gold digger. That's hilarious. 

Maybe he wasn't picking at his earwax. Twitter user @axjeanette has a theory that is equally gross: "Didn't he used to have earrings? Don't tell me that's the dried up crust from his earring holes." Just thinking about that made me gag. That honestly might be a more feasible possibility seeing as he didn't get super far up into his ear hole like you would normally have to do to pick out your earwax. I can't believe I'm writing about this right now. 

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Of course, as many detractors as there were out there, he also had his defenders. We don't know what Kanye knows. He has access to the greatest minds out there. Maybe your own earwax is the most nutritious superfood on the planet and only Kanye knows that.

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Kanye West is the king of claiming that he's being attacked for "presenting new ideas." Maybe eating your own earwax or your own crusty skin is just another one of those brilliant Kanye ideas that we should all take under consideration before we rush to judgment. 

Still, not everyone was convinced that Kanye was actually eating his own earwax in this video. Between the gifs of people gagging and the barf emojis, there shined a few compassionate voices of reason, a few people who thought that Kanye couldn't possibly be snacking on his own ear juice. 

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With 2,400 likes, it seems this person may have stumbled upon a logical explanation for Kanye's actions in this video. Others had different, but similarly logical explanations as well. "He didn't even dig in his ear he scratched his earlobe and took gum out of his mouth," one Twitter user wrote

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Another thought it was gum too: "Lol that's a piece of gum, I also do keep a piece of gum behind my ear whenever I take a drink or eat something." What are you, in The Little Rascals? No grown person should put gum behind their ear in 2019. That's gross! But I suppose it's still less gross than eating your own earwax.

This conversation exploded on Twitter, and if Kanye still had Twitter, we might learn the truth. But unfortunately, he does not. So now we all have to walk around from now on seeing that disturbing clip of Kanye doing something weird in his ear and then bringing his fingers to his mouth every time we close our eyes. I'm so sorry about that.

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