Customer Claims “Shady” Shop Owner Is Trying to Steal Bicycle After He Refuses to Pay Surprise Fee

A bike shop owner was accused of trying to "steal" a customer's bike after charging them more for a service and not informing him of it, he claims.

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Sep. 3 2023, Published 8:30 a.m. ET

Karen Bike Shop Owner Tries to Steal Bike
Source: TikTok | @chris.hackert

A bicycle owner went viral on TikTok after recording, and uploading, his interaction with the owner of a bike shop he says tried stealing his bike after she quoted him a higher service price than what was initially agreed upon.

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Chris Hackert (@chris.hackert) currently only has three videos on the social media application, and all of them are directly related to this encounter he had with the woman who runs the shop, calling her a "Karen" for the behavior she displayed in his clips.

In the first video that Hackert posts, a woman can be seen tearing a thick, tan envelope. She doesn't seem too happy as she talks to a man in a pumpkin colored t-shirt, getting up in his face and pointing at him.

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Source: TikTok | @chris.hackert

""I have never been sued in 31 years and I'm not gonna be sued now. And you know what you just lost?"

The man looks at the camera as he says, "That's my bike!"

She points at him again and says, "You —" before the video ultimately cuts out.

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There are a few things one could ascertain from watching the initial video. The first is that it seems the paper the "Karen" in question is ripping in front of the camera is some legal document indicating that he's either going to take, or has taken legal action against the woman.

There are several text overlays in the clip, too. One reads: "Shady Bike Shop exposed!!!"

Another says: "Tries to take my bike and sell it"

A caption for the video reads: "EXPOSED Local Bike Shop Tries To Take My Bike"

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karen bike shop owner steals bike
Source: TikTok | @chris.hackert

But a follow-up video shows more of Hackert's interaction with the "Karen" in question and it seems like the root of their dispute started as a disagreement about the cost of repairs.

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"I told you my budget was only $150," the man tells the woman behind the counter.

"Right, so it's mine now," the woman tells him.

"You're gonna take my bike?" Hackert asks incredulously.

"If you don't pay for it," the woman says, he quickly replies, "No I'm gonna pay what we agreed."

"Oh no, we're not doing that," the woman tells him bluntly.

"So you're gonna take my bike?" the man asks. "What are you gonna do about it?"

"I'mma sell it to get my money out of it."

"Really?" the man asks.


"But we have an agreement?" the man says.

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The bicycle shop owner denies this statement, "No we don't have an agreement."

"What do you mean?" he asks.

"We agreed that we would try to fix it for $150."

"No you gave me a sales receipt," Hackert says.

"I did, for a deposit," the woman explains.

"Nope," Hackert contests, before retrieving his receipt, which he presents to her.

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"This says, sales receipt," the TikToker says as a text overlay on the screen indicates that she was attempting to grab it from him.

"It says sales receipt, wash, clean —," at this point in the video she cuts him off.

"Take me to court, just take me to court" she tells him.

"Okay. you want me to go to court?" Hackert says, sliding over a tan envelope to the woman.

"Here is your notice of intent to file a lawsuit," he tells her.

She responds, "That's fine, okay."

It's at this point in the clip that the video returns back to the original clip Hackert posted, which starts with the "Karen" store owner in question tearing up the legal document.

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karen bike shop owner steals bike
Source: TikTok | @chris.hackert

Viewers who saw the clip were shocked at the way the woman behaved, and thought that the footage could be pretty incriminatory evidence if Hackert indeed decided to take her to court: "her saying 'you know what you just lost' right after ripping up that document is pure, unadulterated irony"

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Others mentioned that it was the responsibility of the store to call the customer, in this instance, Hackert, to let him know that the repairs would cost more than the $150 he paid upfront: "The way it works: if they need to do additional repairs they call for approval. If you didn’t approve then it’s on them"

And then there were a number of folks who joked that whether or not the woman tears up the document that a lawsuit is still valid, with others stating that if she fails to appear in court, that could also end very badly for her as well: "She is gonna be so confused when they print a new copy I just know it," someone quipped.

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karen bike shop owner steals bike
Source: TikTok | @chris.hackert

Hackert even got in on the joke, uploading a third TikTok video about the situation, comically demonstrating how to "get out of a lawsuit," by tearing up a similar envelope with a paper inside.

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