"Go to the Bathroom at Home" — Woman Won't Let Contractors Use Her Restroom

When a contractor took a quick break to use the bathroom, the homeowner demanded he use his own. We're pretty sure that's not legal.

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Oct. 25 2023, Published 10:46 a.m. ET

I don't have a robust warning system when it comes to going to the bathroom. I never have. At the risk of putting myself on blast, literally, I have pooped my pants several times in my adult life. As far as I know, I do not suffer from any specific medical conditions. My body just doesn't always give me enough of a heads up. This is why I cannot imagine working in an environment where I do not have easy access to a toilet. I would go through pants like they were tissues.

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I feel deeply for Alex, who goes by @alexvueltas0 on TikTok, as he had to endure what can only be described as abuse while working on a woman's house. As a contractor, someone else's home is usually his office, which means their restroom should be accessible. One woman disagreed, as she demanded he go home to use the bathroom. This is not OK.

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You have to provide a bathroom for people working in your home.

The video cuts off a bit in the beginning, but the angry homeowner, who I'm calling Susan, appears to ask Alex if he's doing his job. "I was in the bathroom," he says to an annoyed Susan, whose hands are on her hips. Alex's coworker kneels next to her, affixing tile to the floor.

"Go to the bathroom at home," she demands. Confused, Alex repeats what she says. The coworker looks at him in a way that feels like a warning. It's as if he's trying to telegraph how bonkers this is, but sadly they have to deal with it. They should not have to deal with it.

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Susan doubles down and states this "isn't a public bathroom, it's a house." She doesn't want anyone using the restroom. In the comments section, someone asked Alex why he just didn't leave. "I’m her employee," he explained. "She took me there with a company truck. I would be in the middle of nowhere." Without any sort of transportation of his own, Alex was expected to somehow get to his house in order to use the bathroom.

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According to Susan, going to the bathroom only happens on breaks. I'm willing to bet Susan doesn't store up her urine, like a camel with water, waiting for her lunch break. Why are these men expected to do the same? And again, where is this happening if they are trapped there?

Next Susan pulls the "I'm the one that pays you" card after accusing Alex of arguing with her. To be clear, he wasn't arguing. He literally just said "OK." I'll say it. This woman is a jerk of the highest degree!

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Alex then stands up for himself. "Don't be yelling at me," he says. That can't be easy. This woman holds the power and is wielding it in an unfair way. Rational thinking has left the building, and it's possible it never lived there.

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While this is happening, Susan is handing the other employee tiles. It's never good when an employer "helps." This is micromanaging disguised as aid. Susan hired these men for a reason. Why is she there if not to hover over them, thus adding stress to their job?

Alex accuses Susan of yelling at them because they are Mexican. "I'm a Mexican too," she fires back. "You think you're above everybody," says Alex. Unwilling to examine her own behavior, Susan insists Alex needs to leave, then threatens to call the police.

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Like a lot of bullies, Susan backs down. There is a confusing exchange about calling someone named Ricardo — I think he hired Alex and his team. Susan doesn't leave, but stares sternly at everyone. Isn't the point of hiring people to do work so you don't have to do the work? It's so odd that she's there.

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Legally, Susan has to provide a bathroom of some sort to these contracted employees. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), employers "must provide at least the minimum number of toilet facilities, in toilet rooms separate for each sex, and prompt access to the facilities when needed. Restroom access frequency needs may vary significantly from worker to worker, and may be affected by medications, fluid intake, air temperature and other factors."

Alex appears to be in search of legal help. If anyone has any suggestions, perhaps a comment on his TikTok will help!

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