This Karen Isn't Going to a Beyoncé Concert Again and Wants Everyone to Know About It

Watch out, the Karens are everywhere! And this Karen is never going to a Beyoncé concert again. We break down the viral video inside.

Allison Hunt - Author

Oct. 24 2023, Published 10:00 p.m. ET

Beware! The Karens are everywhere! And we mean this literally. They could be in your neighborhood, in your park, at your Walmart, even at your daughter's graduation. Hell, they're even showing up at Beyoncé concerts now.

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Yep. You read that right. Karens are even at Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour, which tried and true Beehive members would have assumed would be a Karen-free zone.

We break down the now viral TikTok video showing a Karen at the concert below.

This Karen is never going to a Beyoncé concert again and we somehow think Beyoncé is just fine with that.

The now viral video posted by @micahrashad from Beyoncé's concert at MetLife Stadium has 1.8 million views, with 73.2 thousand likes, and 3,911 comments.

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It's pretty safe to assume that Micah was sitting behind this woman who, for the sake of this article, let's call Karen (see what we did there). Micah started recording when he saw her vehemently typing out a Facebook post.

The post that Karen is typing out reads, "Never going to a Beyoncé concert again!!! Was pushed back from 7:00 to 8:00, and still waiting!!!" We aren't ageist at all, but the enlarged type face make this video that much more amusing.

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Karen finished the post by continuing, "Not even an opener!!!" and then clicked "post" so that her Facebook friends could know about her experience. Please note the empty cocktail glass in her hand that most likely had a sex on the beach... see she's clearly not getting any.

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The caption for the video says, "Karen is never going to a Beyoncé concert again and she wants you to know about it." This right here is what has us stumped. Like, why would she feel the need to post this on Facebook in the first place?

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And of course the comments didn't disappoint. A lot of people are joking about how sad Beyoncé is going to be, commenting things like, "Beyoncé is going to be DEVASTED when she sees that Facebook post," and "How will Beyoncé ever recover from this."

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Other people are actually on Karen's side. One person wrote, "I support Ms. Karen. At the price of them tickets Beyoncé should be waiting on me." Another commented, "Idk about you but what she's feeling is valid." Another person didn't understand why the other comments were hating writing, "Why the comments like this?? If i paid to see Beyoncé at 7 that should’ve been when I’ve seen her. Would’ve been mad too."

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Other commenters joked about not being able to get tickets with comments like, "This is who we were fighting for tickets with smh," and "She was not even the target audience. I’m mad I couldn’t get tickets."

If an artist we paid good money to see was an hour late to their concert would we be a little annoyed? Sure. But it's more the anticipation of wanting to see the artist that makes the waiting hard. Plus, if there's anyone worth waiting on, it's Queen B herself.

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