Kick's New Program Will Compensate Creators With Hourly Pay — Here's How to Get Paid

Kick is the new streaming platform on the block. If you're hoping to make streaming a career, here's what to know about its hourly pay plan for creators.

Anthony Jones - Author

Sep. 27 2023, Published 5:38 p.m. ET

Promo art from Kick website showing retrofied streaming devices and logo.
Source: Kick

The gist:

  • The Kick Creator Incentive Program is still in its early stages but appears to offer creators a minimum $16 hourly pay on top of the 95/5 split on subscription revenue.
  • Kick has requirements a creator must meet to be eligible for the program, such as the number of hours a creator has to stream and average viewership.
  • 33 Kick streamers have joined the program as of this writing. The platform intends to add more creators in batches on Oct. 9 and Nov. 1 of this year.
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Kick has been stirring up a whirlwind of attention — good and bad — in the streaming industry, but what has been largely positive is its 95/5 subscriber revenue split with creators.

The platform intends to rival Twitch and YouTube in the streaming scene as a more generous and stable foothold to scratch out a career as an entertainer. To buckle down on this initiative further, Kick announced a Creator Program was in the works in April of this year.

Months later, Kick revealed the plan as the Creator Incentive Program. For those eligible, the platform will compensate creators with flexible hourly pay on top of the subscriber revenue split.

The entire setup for streamers is a revolutionary take on the top-heavy field to give smaller creators a chance. If you’re someone dreaming of making this a career, here’s what you need to know about the program and how to get paid.

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Close-up of an old computer screen with a Kick logo.
Source: Kick

Kick’s streaming hourly pay plan is in its early stages but looks promising.

To be clear, Kick is still relatively new. The foundation for the platform isn’t solid, but some of the steps it’s taking will be appealing to most streamers. The Kick Creator Incentive Program is one such step designed to cultivate core streamers invested in the platform with an hourly pay rate.

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Currently, this benefit extends to what Kick calls its “First Class,” a collection of 33 streamers across a broad spectrum. These creators were hand-picked and averaged from 10 to 1,500 viewers.

According to its webpage, Kick aims to add more streamers through two upcoming phases on Oct. 9 and Nov. 1. Each phase will launch new initiatives before the program is added to the Kick Creator Dashboard for anyone to enlist.

On that webpage, you can also look at the requirements for the program, including what creators must have in terms of viewership and how many hours they must stream to be qualified.

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While not officially listed on the page, the program reportedly compensates streamers at a minimum of $16 hourly.

Details are rough, and things are likely to change more later in the year, but it’s clear creators serious about streaming could finally have a place to grow stably.

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How to get paid as a Kick streamer.

Aside from the Kick Creator Incentive Program, you can get paid by earning donations, offering memberships to your viewers, sponsorships, and concocting engaging content to pull more viewers to open new financial opportunities.

Gaining popularity, finding your niche, and expanding the value of your content will lead to better metrics and money. New streamers will have to figure out the ropes before making leaps, but there are many ways to fund streaming as a career if you have the knack for it.

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