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Stuck Inside? Try These Innocent Pranks on Your Kids



While April Fools' Day is essentially canceled for all intents and purposes, and life in the COVID-19 pandemic feels kind of like the biggest prank in and of itself, April 1 is nonetheless around the corner.

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If you have kids, April Fool's Day is a great occasion to do something fun for them and remind them that pranks are always a funny and amusing way to pass the time.

So, keep reading for some kid-friendly pranks that you can play in the comfort of your own home that'll lift the mood of everyone in the family.

Kid-Friendly Pranks to Play at Home

Family Photo Swap

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There are a few fun versions of this age-old prank. If your family is super observant, you might get away with just reordering all the framed photos in your house. But if you're feeling a bit creative, why don't you print out some other family photos, celebrity families, perhaps, and replace your snapshots with theirs. 

Try the Kardashians, the Baldwins, or the cast of Friends, for some laughs.

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The Old Toothpaste Trick

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In the movie Amelie, Audrey Tautou takes this prank to savage levels, replacing her neighbor's toothpaste with foot cream. 

In this gentler version, we recommend swapping it out for anything that lives in a tube in your fridge. Tomato paste, garlic paste, mustard, you name it.

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hat-Way Are-ay ou-Yay aying-Say?

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Chances are you're as bored as your kid is, so why not amuse yourselves and each other? Instead of carrying on speaking English, practice a little Pig Latin or Shakespearean English and see if you can last all day without breaking.

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A Choice Pic

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If you have access to your kid's phone or laptop, change the background pic to something mortifying. We recommend a pic of you and your spouse kissing or an embarrassing photo of your child as a baby.

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Found a Penny?

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Superglue a penny or quarter to the ground outside, and watch your child struggle to lift it off the ground. Bonus points for sanitizing the coins first, and trying this on your own property, for fear of extra germs.

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Food Swaps

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We have a ton of recommendations for ways to trick your kids into eating one thing when they think they're eating another. For simplicity's sake, try a grilled cheese that's actually just poundcake and orange-colored frosting, or a mashed potato sundae.

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Cereal Freeze

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Ridiculous, but that is the name of the game on April 1, now, isn't it? Put a bowl of your kid's favorite cereal and milk in the freezer overnight, then watch them struggle to eat breakfast.

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TV Remote Prank

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Scotch-tape the sensor on your remote control, and watch as your kid tries desperately to change the channel or turn the TV on to no avail.

Happy April Fool's Day!

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