The "Know For Sure" Podcast Is Officially Ending as the Hosts Go Their Separate Ways

Why is the 'Know For Sure' podcast ending? The hosts are going their separate ways with one of them beginning a solo podcast series.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Nov. 8 2023, Published 1:46 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • The popular Know For Sure podcast has come to an end.
  • Hosts B. Simone and Megan Ashley have gone their separate ways.
  • Megan Ashley has kicked off her solo career.
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When popular internet celebrities undergo a big career change, those moves tend to send ripples. Some folks make a big announcement stating that they're enacting a change down the line. Some make sudden statements that seem to come out of nowhere in the middle of their regularly-scheduled content. Other times, the content creators make a clean break from this part of their careers in order to drastically shift focus.

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Unfortunately, the Know For Sure podcast finds itself firmly in that last camp. The popular series was originally started by two close friends as they shared inspiring stories about self-discovery and using their religious faith as a guideline toward happiness and friendship. The series has previously received rave reviews from listeners.

However, Know For Sure seems to be no more. Here's what we know about its ending.

The 'Know For Sure' podcast is officially over, and you won't see much of it on the internet anymore.

The Know For Sure podcast first began back in March of 2022. Hosted by comedian/actress B. Simone and her business partner Megan Ashley, the series was originally presented as weekly conversations between the two of them about "self-discovery and evolution." The series was originally released semi-weekly and often featured guest stars in various episodes.

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But though the two former co-hosts originally touted a "long-lasting friendship of 20 years," the relationship seems to have fizzled out over the course of the podcast. In early November, the content creators revealed that the podcast was coming to an end. In a post from the series' now-deleted Instagram, B. Simone and Megan made the announcement with "mixed emotions".

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The post stated: "B. Simone has decided to take a step back to fully focus on her own mental health while continuing to use her many gifts. Megan Ashley is continuing on the podcast journey."

Of course, their falling out seems to have been teased for a while now. In a deleted episode from KFS, the two of them revealed that they were individually seeking therapy to address issues in their long-standing friendship.

The ending has also been swift and all-encompassing. Many of the official social media channels for KFS have been scrubbed from the internet completely.

In fact, Megan has already rebranded the podcast on audio streaming services under a new label of her very own. Searching for KFS now leads to her new solo podcast, In Totality.

However, previous episodes of KFS are still available under the In Totality label, suggesting that Megan simply changed the title in their many podcast listings.

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Reportedly, B. Simone and Megan are no longer following each other on social media either, which may say a lot about where their troubled friendship currently stands.

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