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People Are Convinced Former NFL Player Kurt Warner Had Plastic Surgery



The 2020 NFL Draft is tonight (April 23) which is exciting because it makes it feel like life as we knew it will be coming back to us someday soon. Although the NFL Draft was scheduled to be held in Las Vegas, due to COVID-19, it's now happening virtually. One of the virtual announcers (over Zoom) is former NFL player Kurt Warner. Interestingly, some people are really, really interested in what he looked like on the Zoom broadcast.

The internet seems to think Kurt Warner had plastic surgery.

A little while ago, Kurt appeared on Zoom for the virtual NFL Draft. This seems to be the catalyst for some Twitter users pointing out that Kurt looks like he's had some work done.

One Twitter user wrote, "Did Kurt Warner get plastic surgery? Also am I live tweeting this draft?" Another user commented, "Kurt Warner has had some V creepy plastic surgery." Other joined in, agreeing that it really appears as though Kurt looks...different.

However, this isn't the first time people have noticed Kurt's too-perfect bone structure and lack of any wrinkles. Even back in 2011 people on Twitter were speculating that the sports star had plastic surgery. 

So...Did Kurt have plastic surgery or what?

There's no evidence that Kurt has gotten any work done on purpose, but we do know that back in 2015, the former football star broke his jaw in "two places" according to a tweet from Kurt himself.

His wife Brenda confirmed the jaw incident and added a photo that showed that Kurt also lost a tooth. We're not sure how this happened, since Kurt had been retired from the NFL since 2010.

Did Kurt end up getting some facial reconstruction due to the bone break? If so, that wouldn't exactly explain why it looks like he got just a *little* bit of Botox or filler in this 2012 photo. 

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Here's Kurt in 2005. While we are *not* plastic surgeons in any capacity, we do see that Kurt's eyebrows are just not as lifted in 2005 as they are in 2015. He also has some wrinkles, and his cheekbones aren't nearly as sculpted as they look in the previous photo. That suggests that he may have had a facelift, filler, or some Botox...or has a really good eyebrow threading person and steals his wife's expensive face serums! 

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Here's a video of Kurt in November, 2019. Again, he does seem especially youthful. Then again, the guy is only 48 and it's possible he just has great genes. *Shrug*

Even if it turns out Kurt did have plastic surgery, so what? Let the NFL player live his best life! And if that means some filler here and there, so be it. Happy NFL drafting day, everyone!

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