Inside the Drama Between Exes Lance Tsosie and Chelsea Hart


Mar. 3 2022, Published 9:31 a.m. ET

There are plenty of important issues being highlighted on platforms like TikTok, but occasionally, users who are usually trending for one reason can find themselves trending because of drama in their personal life. That's exactly what happened between Lance Tsosie and Chelsea Hart, two public figures who used to be dating and have had a spat of drama online recently.

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What is the drama between Lance and Chelsea about?

Lance, who goes by Modern Warrior on social media, currently has a following of about three million on TikTok and usually posts about Native American culture. Chelsea has a following of roughly 1.5 million on the platform and is known as an activist based out of Alaska. The two were recently in a relationship with one another, and it was a number of false rumors about the couple that kicked up the first wave of drama.

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In order to address these rumors head-on, Chelsea posted a video in which they explained why their relationship with Lance had come to an end. In the video, they explained that the two had been together for about six months when Lance suggested that he might be interested in polyamory, which Chelsea shut down immediately. Then, Chelsea flew to Denver to meet Lance, only to discover that he had posted about going on a date with someone else on TikTok.

Lance is facing a backlash following Chelsea's video.

After Chelsea posted their video, Lance posted an apology that he has since deleted in which he said that he had not been "the effective communicator" that he wanted to be. He then went on to suggest that their relationship was a "friendship."

Chelsea's response was swift and made it clear that Lance was being intentionally misleading about the nature of their relationship.

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“I may be pregnant with your child, and you are apologizing for your communication," Chelsea said. "Don’t you dare try to apologize for your communication? Why don’t you apologize for taking advantage of my vulnerability to get in my pants.”

Chelsea also posted a follow-up video in which they asked people to address the false rumors about their relationship, which they said came from people who wanted to kill Lance.

Source: TikTok
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Chelsea also shared an additional video from TikTok user @bananaamarie, who had a very similar story to the one that Chelsea had shared.

“He is a liar. He is a manipulator," they said. "And I told him I wouldn’t do this, I told myself I wouldn’t do this, but I am doing this because this is insane."

Clearly, Chelsea has established that Lance had a certain pattern of behavior when it comes to relationships.

Lance has not addressed these allegations publicly since he deleted his initial apology, but comments on his latest TikTok video have become very critical of his behavior. Lance has lost more than 200,000 followers since the allegations against him broke, and comments are now suggesting that he robbed these people of the ability to be informed in their consent.

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