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Andy, Larry Jr., Chaia, and Larry King in 2005

Two of Larry King’s Children Died Within Three Weeks of Each Other



A veteran newscaster found himself in the news in August 2020. That's because two of Larry King’s kids — his daughter Chaia King and his son Andy King — had died within the span of three weeks. What's more is those losses came after a turbulent year during which Larry suffered a stroke and filed for divorce from Shawn Southwick King, his wife of 22 years.

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Upon hearing of the death of two of Larry's kids, plenty of people likely found themselves wondering more about TV/radio host's family — and specifically, about other kids he has.

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Larry King hosting 'Larry King Live' in 2010

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"It is with sadness and a father's broken heart that I confirm the recent loss of two of my children, Andy King, and Chaia King," Larry wrote on Facebook. "Both of them were good and kind souls and they will be greatly missed."

Chaia King died after a battle with lung cancer.

Chaia died at age 51 on Thursday, Aug. 20, according to Larry's post. She had battled lung cancer.

Larry, 86, welcomed Chaia with his late ex-wife Alene Akins, a former Playboy bunny and his wife from 1961 to 1963 and from 1968 to 1972. Larry and Chaia co-authored the 1997 children’s book Daddy Day, Daughter Day, to “recount the true story of his divorce and show how quality moments together can help heal the pain of divorce for children,” according to the book’s product description.

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Larry King's son, Andy, died in July 2020.

Andy died unexpectedly of a heart attack on July 28, just threes weeks before his sister, Chaia. He was 65 years old.

Andy was Alene’s son from a previous relationship, and Larry adopted him after marrying Alene, per People. Alene died in 2017.

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Larry King has three surviving kids.

Larry has three other kids: Larry King Jr., his son with ex-wife Annette Kaye; and Cannon and Chance King, his sons with ex-wife Shawn.

The former Larry King Live host and his three other kids are “distraught” over Andy and Chaia’s passing, a source told Page Six.

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He's had a particularly tough past year.

Larry, who currently hosts the Ora TV show Politicking with Larry King, suffered a near-fatal stroke in May 2019. “It’s been a rough year,” he told People this February. “And I don’t have any idea of what 2020 is going to be like. But I can still work and I can watch my kids grow up. I feel positive — and hopeful.”

He also talked with the magazine about his divorce from Shawn, a 60-year-old actress who appeared in Knight Rider and Days of Our Lives

“I’ll always care for my wife,” he said. “But it just hit a point where we didn’t get along. … We had a big age difference and that eventually takes its toll. It became an issue. Also, [Shawn] is a very religious Mormon and I’m an agnostic atheist, so that eventually causes little problems.”

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Shawn Southwick King and Larry King in 2017

At the time, however, the Peabody Award winner was counting his blessings. “I’m very proud of what I do,” he told People. “And I’m a good father — nothing beats parenthood. There’s an element of pinching myself every day. Look at what I’ve come through. All in all, if you look at it, I’ve had a blessed life.”

Larry has seven ex-wives in total, the other five being Freda Miller, Mickey Sutphin, Sharon Lepore, and Julie Alexander.

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