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Source: Twitter

Weird Celebrity Quirks We've Learned From Twitter


A few days ago, Gene Simmons from KISS cavalierly revealed to the world that he puts ice cubes in his cereal bowl. It was a casual tweet that absolutely blew up the internet. But Gene Simmons is not the first celebrity to his weird habits and quirks on Twitter. Celebrities from Ice T to Martha Stewart to Kim Kardashian all have strange interests and things they do that prove, once and for all, that celebrities are not, in fact, just like us. They're much, much weirder.

1. Gene Simmons' ice cubes

Source: Twitter

No, Gene Simmons of KISS. No one else puts ice cubes in their cereal. In all the hullabaloo about the ice cubes, we failed to mention that he mixes Mini Wheats and Oreo O's. I know some people mix cereals, but these two are so different from each other. Everything in this picture is disturbing to me.