Who Will Play Joel and Ellie in 'The Last of Us' HBO Series?



Playstation gamers know and love the heartbreaking story that is The Last of Us. With its sequel, The Last of Us Part II, recently hitting shelves, fans now get to experience a whole new story in the award-winning, zombie-filled video game universe.

The tv series adaption was announced for HBO before the franchise's second installment was released, but the show's creators are promising production will be starting as soon as possible. Who will be cast in The Last of Us show?

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Who will be cast in 'The Last of Us' HBO series?

Since the second installment of the game recently hit shelves and production hasn't started yet, it's too early to tell who the producers are planning to cast. But that doesn't mean that fans don't have their suspicions.

Neil Druckmann, who's VP at Naughty Dog, tweeted in March hinting at which characters from the show would be making an appearance in the HBO recreation.

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He shared HBO's International Women's Day video, showcasing all of the powerful female characters featured in their shows. In the tweet, Neil hinted at what other female characters from The Last of Us would soon be joining the network's notable roles.

"And now you have Ellie, Riley, Tess, Marlene, Maria, [redacted], and a few others!" he tweeted, redacting one of the names with white block emojis.

This was before The Last of Us Part II was released, so it's possible he's referring to one of the new characters introduced in the franchise's second installment.

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Both Dina and Abby were new characters introduced to the story in The Last of Us Part II, so our guess is either of them could be the mystery woman Neil is referring to — though we can't confirm for sure just yet. In the replies to the tweet, fans suggested the four-letter redacted name could be Anna, Ellie's mother who didn't make a prominent appearance in the first game.

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Fans have some actors they want to see in the show adaption.

While it's too early to know who exactly will be in the HBO adaption, fans were quick to voice their favorite picks — especially when it came to main characters Joel and Ellie. 

Booksmart's Kaitlyn Denver has been a fan-favorite pick to portray Ellie, despite her clear resemblance to Ellen Page that has gotten Naughty Dog in trouble before.

Hugh Jackman seems to be the popular pick to play Joel, as is Game of Thrones alum Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. 

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The series will be produced by Neil and HBO's Chernobyl creator, Craig Mazin. Craig even hinted before the second game's release that there were plans to work on the show adaption "pretty soon," suggesting it won't be long before we have some solid answers. 

"We can't start on it right away because they're still finishing up the second game, but pretty soon," Craig said on his podcast, Scriptnotes, back in March. "We've been talking about it for months and coming up with little plans and things. But we're going to dig in in full, full earnest pretty soon, just as soon as they wrap up their final work on the sequel."

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