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Source: Getty Images

Stories of People Whose Success Later in Life Proves Life Doesn't Stop After Age 35


TV writer Melissa Hunter was onto something when she recently tweeted, "At the end of 2020, instead of 30 Under 30 and NextGen lists, please profile middle-aged people who just got their big breaks. I want to read about a mother of two who published her first novel, a director who released their first studio feature at 47, THAT'S THE LIST WE WANT." 

We're tired of hearing about the ingenues and overnight successes. The vast majority of people work really hard for years and have responsibilities and whole lives that prevent them from making any "30 Under 30" list. Plenty of people — both famous and not — didn't achieve their goals until later in life. 

Melissa's tweet went completely viral and prompted so many people to share their stories. These are people who switched professions and went back to school at 40, decided to pursue their lifelong dream of writing or painting at 60, or even just made sure that they're doing the things they love and having new experiences well into their elder years.