Tenant Shares Money-Saving Laundry Hack While Using Her Apartment Complex's Washers

This TikToker introduces a laundry hack that may help you to save money when washing clothes at your apartment. Here's what they suggest.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Jul. 28 2023, Published 6:29 p.m. ET

If you're renting an apartment, then you're probably looking to pinch your pennies wherever you can to try and save money. The housing market is harsh enough as it is, with some folks having to split rent with as many as eight people while working two jobs in order to try and make every monthly payment. With everything you have to do and every amenity you have to pay for in order to maintain your apartment, the last thing you might want to spend money on is your laundry.

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Clean clothes shouldn't have to be behind a paywall. When they are, it can most certainly become another stressor as you try to prioritize your budget to make sure that your 'fits don't stink. If you can help it, you'll probably want to do whatever it takes to save on having to wash your clothes every so often.

Thankfully, Lizzie Warren (@liizziieeann) on TikTok has offered her own laundry hack that you can try on your own commercial washer. Check it out below.

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A former apartment tenant shares a laundry hack that can help to save money on washing your clothes.

While Lizzie doesn't live in an apartment anymore, she's reportedly rented her fair share in the past. However, she was able to finagle a laundry hack on her complex's washing machine that helped her save some money.

Her TikTok even offers a neat visual guide on what to do. She even pans over to the other side of the machine's interface to prove that there's no card inserted as she used the machine.

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She also broke down her process in the captions.

Lizzie wrote: "Press the two buttons (shown in the video) at the same time until it says rapid, hit start, set your washing settings, start again."

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Hopefully, you should have a free wash from there. Depending on whether or not it works for you, you can use this whenever you have laundry to take care of.

This reportedly does not work on dryers, but you'd at least be able to save money on washing.

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However, Lizzie herself notes that whether or not it works is on a case-by-case basis. She offered a disclaimer stating that this hack "might not work for everyone's washers." But it certainly can't hurt to try.

Folks in the comments have shared their own experiences with trying out this hack for themselves. Results have understandably been mixed.

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Some have been able to get it to work on their complex washing machines, while others haven't.

One person even claimed that the hack not only didn't work but that trying it ruined the rest of the machines.

"Someone did that at my apartment and it broke all the washers," they said. "They all didn't want to start."

Others even report that while it worked for them, landlords caught on to the hack and disabled it.

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Lizzie later posted a follow-up in order to address naysayers and complaints on her original video. While she was happy to hear that it worked for some people, she did take the time to explain that her experience is not universal.

"It's not gonna work on everybody's, so don't hate me," she teased.

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