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Source: iStockphoto.cm

Do The Colors You See in This Viral Shoe Pic Mean You're Right Or Left Brain Dominant?


If you love brain teasers, then no doubt you delight in viral photos like that blue and black or white and gold dress. Even if you find those kinds of photos and audio files like that one of the voice saying "laurel" or "yanny" (team Laurel FTW) to be insanely annoying, at the very least you definitely have an opinion. 

Enter, the shoe. 

Two years ago the internet was introduced to a mind-bending photo of a Vans shoe which either looks pink and white or gray and teal depending on how you see it. Unfortunately, this meme is now back with a vengeance thanks to Lizzo tweeting about it. However, people are now fighting about whether the color you see relies on whether you're right or left brain dominant, or if that even matters at all. 

Lizzo whhyyyyy?