TikTok's Left-Right Push-up Challenge Is a Cool Way to Jazz up Your Workouts

TikTok always comes with with the latest and greatest trends. And the Left-Right Push-up Challenge is the newest to hit the platform. Details inside.

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Oct. 26 2021, Published 5:21 p.m. ET

It’s become an undisputed fact that TikTok reigns supreme when it comes to viral challenges. Over the years, we’ve seen everything from The Silhouette Challenge to The 75 Hard Challenge take over the app. What’s great about TikTok is that these challenges come in the form of dances, fitness routines, games, and more. So, there’s always something new for users to try. The latest challenge to take the platform by storm is none other than the Left-Right Push-up Challenge.

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Contrary to popular belief, TikTok has a rather large fitness community. So, for any fitness buffs looking for ways to jazz up their workout routines, TikTok always comes in major clutch. What is the Left-Right Push-up Challenge all about? Here’s what we know.

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TikTok’s Left-Right Push-up Challenge is all about increasing the difficulty of your workout.

Calling all fitness aficionados! It’s easy for workouts to get repetitive and boring. From normal stretching warm-ups to ab work and strength training, it can all feel like a chore instead of a fun hobby. However, TikTok’s Left-Right Push-up Challenge is changing the game. Instead of doing normal push-ups, this exercise allows you to work other muscles in order to achieve a full-body workout.

Perfectly paired with the song “Grab Da Wall & Rock Da Boat” by 504 Boyz and Weebie, the challenge sees creators breaking a sweat to the beat of the music. To start, simply get into a push-up position. Then, once the lyrics say “left, right,” release one arm and touch your other shoulder, and repeat that on each side two times.

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Next, do a set of mountain climbers as the beat of the music speeds up, which is a killer workout for your abs. Once the chorus comes in, do push-up jacks, which is a push-up combined with a jumping jack. We’re sweating just thinking about it!

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TikTok’s Left-Right Push-up Challenge has become a hit on and off the platform.

As expected, TikTok’s Left-Right Push-up Challenge has gotten the approval of fitness lovers on the app. And while we’ve seen many trends come and go, it looks like this one may stick around for a while.

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Not only does the challenge continue to build momentum, it has already hit YouTube. YouTuber Ral Zial created a compilation video of various TikTokers trying out the challenge. Since publishing the video on Oct. 14, 2021, it has already gained nearly 23,000 views.

So, while there are already thousands of creators trying their hand at the workout challenge, many more are likely to jump on the bandwagon. Unlike other questionable trends that have made their rounds on the app, this one is fun, safe, and a great way to improve your health while showing off your strength.

If you’re ready to put your body to the test, turn up the music and see if you can get the job done.

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